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R81 - Top 25 Gateway Tuning Tips


Tip  - use this new tool

Now I have developed a tool that automatically check the most of the points in this article.
Use this tool to show quickly an overview of status information of all your gateways with only one CLI command "eview".
It shows the most important performance relevant information of all gateways, which are briefly summarized in this article:

Easy View Tool - View System Info for All Gateways Simultaneously

Tip 1 - SecureXL

SecureXL is a software acceleration product installed on Security Gateways. SecureXL network acceleration techniques deliver wire-speed performance for Security Gateways. Performance Pack uses SecureXL technology and other innovative network acceleration techniques to deliver wire-speed performance for Security Gateways. The SecureXL device minimizes the connections that are processed by the INSPECT driver. SecureXL accelerates connections on two ways.

SecureXL is implemented either in software or in hardware:

  •       SAM cards on Check Point 21000 appliances
  •       Falcon cards (new in R80.20) on different appliances

Tuning Tip: From R80.20 S

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