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Karan Karan
checkpoint DHCP Server   I have DHCP Server configured on firewall and configured interface has the same subnet which cover around 1024 hosts.   Now I need to increase the subnet for DHCP Pool, So do i need to make the changes on GW interface or making the changes for DHCP server will work fine ?   add dhcp server

Danny Jung
What is your Check Point Support experience in 2018?   Did Check Point Support perform well, understood your issue quickly, provided solutions fast, has been helpful in finding workarounds or did it lack on resposiveness, involved R&D (Research and Development) too soon and too often, forced you to hit the manager escalation button more
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Sagar Manandhar
hi,   Checkpoint is showing that the quota has been exceeded at start up of the smartdashboard. What does that really mean? Does CP stop to emulated the file after it exceeded the file limit? CP has used the quota term in the documentation but not mention the exact quota we get with NGTX license. My concern is, what will CP do when the quota