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Daniel Taney
I wanted to bring this to the Community's attention and get some feedback whether we are the only ones experiencing issues. Since the release / installation of KB4485449 on Windows 10, multiple Check Point functions seem to have stopped working.    I have been able to specifically identify these symptoms:   SmartConsole

daniel prestes
Hello team,   I want to route the traffic from a Domain Management Server through a proxy. So I need the source IP (from this traffic is originated). How can I check if a CMA Domain management server can reach the internet?    I know I can't ssh directly to a CMA. Only check filesystem via #mdsenv "X" and #cd $FWDIR   How
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Vijay Nagaraj
Hi All, Am working on rule base cleanup and after i cleaned up few rules i see some hits in my old rules for any service..below is the example . We have R77.30 Mgmt server. we have created the new rules on top of old rule, now when I checked the usage of old rules only for service I still see the usage in the old rules for the same ports which
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Dameon Welch-Abernathy
These videos were recorded originally for our partners by Jim Oqvist, but CheckMates members can now access this exclusive content!  Introduction Duration R80 Management Training Introduction Please note that Ravello blueprints have been discontinued and are no longer available. Most of the labs can be done with the Cloud Demo
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Evgeniy Solovyev
Hi all.   Today I hava a problem. I must upgrade R80.10 security management server to R80.20. I choose fresh install + migrate export/import, because CPSUE upgrade does not change linux kernel to 3.10 (as I understand). And during my works I see, that customer has logs only for 4 months (about 200 GB). Customer tell me, that he need to store