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Blason R
Hi,   I have R77.30 and would like to know if certain channels like porn videos or sport channels can be blocked in youtube? I have https inspection enabled but wondering if the same can be achieved?

Sagar Manandhar
hi, We have only Detect option available for “Host Port Scan” category so we can’t prevent this from our IPS rules. We cannot block the source that ip is being used as nat ip (public ip from another branch) for many users . If we don't have option to prevent can we have a TCP session limit for the source IP from the user pool ?
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Enis Dunic
Hi,   After being part of EA R80 I have now a weird occurence of duplicate objects where one of them ends with an underscore.   Here is an example for https: Another example:   So when installing policy you get "Succeeded with warnings" where you get a message for every duplicate object like this:   It would be nice