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Jan Kleinhans
Hello,   we are using an official purchased wildcard certificate for the Identity Portal and Mobile Access. Is there any way to change the certificate without usind the SmartConsole (R80.10). That would provide the possibility to use let's encrypt certificates which have to be updated every 3 months.   Best Regards,   Jan

Sergio Afonso Coderch
Hi all, I need some help about VSX configuration. Is there any guide about a simple configuration about this?. At this moment, I have a 5900 cluster with a configuration already working. My customer want to create al least two VSX, one of them with the same configuration that is working, and the second one with an initial simple configuration. I
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aner sagi
Hi, This post is about things in checkpoint products that makes me crazy \ angry.   1. there is no wizard when you need to convert a gateway to cluster. i have to delete the gateway and create a new cluster object. why? 2. i can't allow LDAP AD user group as a group of smartdashboard admins. i have to use radius. why ? 3. smartcenter user