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Di Junior
Hi Mates   I am trying to establish a connection with one of my client’s partner over SIGTRAN and SIP.In order to enhance the security of my client, we wish to use private IPs in the internal network, and have their Check Point doing NAT for the SIGTRAN and SIP traffic. Unfortunately, this scenario is not working. But if I use Public

Prabulingam N
Dear All,   One of our customer have TE1000x dedicated appliance in Gaia R77.30. Mgmt server in R80.10 with Clusters as well. Since no internet connectivity for TE Appliance - we have manually downloaded the images (WinXP,Win7 etc) and followed as per sk92509. Engine version is fine, with tecli show advanced downloads images - Image status
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Neil ZInk
Platform:  r80.10  take 42 (and 56)   I am seeing thousands of kernel errors in the  /var/log/message file  (several hundred per minute)   Jan 12 10:44:05 2018 xxxx kernel: [fw4_3];[ERROR]: appi_rad_uf_cmi_handler_match_cb: appi_rad_uf_cmi_handler_server_response() failed Jan 12 10:44:05 2018 xxxx kernel: