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Balazs Agics
Hi All, Maybe I do something in the wrong way, but after installing client with EPS.msi there is no connection to server, works in offline mode. If I just install Initial Client then Server Name and Server IP fields are empty, it only show a green connected in the pop-up window, and that's all.   Client version: E80.65 and E80.70 Client:

Glenn Gauvin
Did you miss the vSEC for Azure Webinar? That's OK you can view it here and download the slides here!
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Eric Beasley
OverviewThe export, import, delete using CSV files scripts in this post, currently version 00.21.00 and later, dated 2017-05-25 and later, are intended to allow operations on an existing R80 or R80.10 Check Point management server (SMS or MDM) from bash on the management server or a management server able authenticate and reach the target