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Amit Sharon
What was the outcome of a vulnerability in Parity’s Ethereum wallet software? What have security researchers found out about an adware called Stantinko? How did a security incident lead to the modification of the DNS records for 751 domains that redirected victims’ traffic into a malicious site? Read all about the top attacks,

Jim Pike
I am new to 80.10.  When looking at reports I am a little lost on creating one.  I would like to capture and have a report that details all application data.
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Matt Hubach
Hello, we are planning some changes to our Internet firewalls. I would like to know how to check and change the default reference bandwidth used by OSPF calculations.   1) What is the default reference bandwidth used by checkpoint OSPF calculations? How can I verify this? 2) How do I change the reference bandwidth?**   *We are on R77