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Gaurav Pandya
Hi,   There is new vulnerability CVE-2018-2628 for Oracle Web Logic Server WLC. In checkpoint still it is not showing with latest IPS update but we can consider CVE-2017-10271 as it has same characteristics and below are the vulnerable version.   Oracle WebLogic Server10. version Oracle WebLogic Server12. version

Joe Scolamiero
Hello out there, this is in regards to the changes R80.10 has made to db revisions. This weekend I am decommissioning some firewalls/clusters and upgrading/consolidating the hardware. I will be  deleting a bunch of firewall and cluster objects and recreating new ones which in some cases will have the same IP addresses. In R77 and before, I
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Martin Raska
Hello, this question is mainly for Tim, but input from others is also appreciated.   Question: Do I need for tcpdump to disable SecureXL (fwaccel off) in order to see all packets?   From Book Max Power R80 - chapter Millisecond in the Life of a Frame - stage 6 - My understanding is that its not needed. Am I right?   Thanks
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Dmitriy Chazov
Good day to all. I started to test the solution CheckPoint R80.10 take 462. Faced an incomprehensible situation for me. After applying the policy, I get the error "The connection with the server was lost. Any unsaved changes are preserved ", after which I can not connect using both SmartConsole and SSH and WebGUI. What I'm doing. I spread out CP