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wenxiang guo
I add a nat policy like below When I telnet 1111:2222::ac10:0a32 port 20(or other port number),the log show like below but,when I telnet 1111:2222::ac10:0a32 port 21,the log show like below,it is not nated Does anyone know the reason for this problem?Thanks!

Alexander Simonov
 I want receive alerts to email from checkpoint about critical event. For examle: my IPS detect critical event and i receive message by email. how can i do it?
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Paul Gademsky
I have several R80.10/R80.20 MDS that I administer, and have been trying to find a way to get a 'Friendly' name to show versus the "Administrator Name" for various tasks (looking at policies being installed, looking on the MDS via cli to see who is logged in to various CMAs).  The Administrator Name is usually an employee ID number, which is