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Ilmo Anttonen
I've had a couple of gigs lately where I help clients migrate from R77.30 to R80.10 and I've taken interest in how to help them optimize the IPS while we're at it. Most installations I've encountered have the Recommended profile with a couple of exceptions for 2-3 services. Those already running R80+ have the Optimized profile with the

Jozko Mrkvicka
Hello guys,   I am currently working on small script which will install Policy from R77.30 management on given Gateway. We are using many Gateways and each one has unique policy package, for example:   Gateway Name Policy Package Name Apple Fruit Cucumber Vegetables Car Vehicle   I know that installation is possible from
CheckMates News
Vishwanath Kancharla
I was previously able to edit the pdf ( highlight important points, add sticky ) on Check point Capsule Docs.  After installing the same software on the new laptop I don't those options. Need some assistance.. capsule docs   Issue still exists. I don't see the option to highlight or bold or screenshot or tag , All I received was