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R80.40 EA - Dynamic split of CoreXL


What is new in R80.40 EA.

A new interesting function for performance tuning has been included in R80.40 EA. Dynamic split of CoreXL changes the assignment of  CoreXL SND's and CoreXL firewall workers automatically without reboot.

How does this magic happens?

  • Adding and removing a CoreXL firewall worker
  • Adding and removing a CoreXL SND
  • Balance between CoreXL SND and CoreXL firewall worker
  • Work in ClusterXL environments
  • A reboot is not necessary


  • GAIA 3.10 kernel (USFW/Kernel
  • only Check Point appliances with 8 cores or more
  • VSX is currently a limitation
  • currently supported on ClusterXL HA
  • currently VSLS is a limitation

How does it work?

Suppose we have two SND's and 6 CoreXL firewall workers. If no CoreXL SND's and CoreXL firewall workers are overloaded, nothing happens (picture 1).

Now, let's assume the CoreXL SNDs are overloaded (picture 2), a mathematical formula is used to calculate that a further CoreXL SND is added. In this case a CoreXL firewall worker 5 will not get any new connections (picture 3) and the connections are distributed to another CoreXL firewall worker for example to the CoreXL firewall worker 4. If there are no more connections running through this CoreXL firewall worker on core two, the core will be used for a new CoreXL SND instance (picture 4) . Now our appliance has three SND's and 5 CoreXL firewall workers.

It also works the other way round.

Picture 1 - nothing overloaded

Picture 2 - SND's overloaded

Picture 3 - CoreXL firewall worker stops the processing and distributes the connections.


Picture 4 - new SND is added

Please note that functions can change in the GA version. This is only a short description of the EA function.

Copyright by Heiko Ankenbrand  1994-2020

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Re: R80.40 EA - Dynamic split of CoreXL

A small update of the article with pictures.

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Re: R80.40 EA - Dynamic split of CoreXL

Nice info!

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