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Training and Certification

Discussions related to official Check Point Training and Certification. See the Check Point Certification FAQ before posting.

inside Training and Certification Tuesday
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Check Point Courseware to Be Distributed via Kortext in 2020

Just got word from @shay_solomon that starting 6th Jan 2020, Check Point Courseware kits will be delivered by our ATC network over a new eBook system called Kortext, which will replace Capsule Docs. End-users will be able to access the system from mobile and web platforms (IOS/android/WebApp) and can easily get educated for Check Point products (Either virtual or physical classes). Also, check out these redesigned book covers for the courseware:
Danny inside Training and Certification Monday
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Check Point Education Services Information

Check Point's Education Services just published sk163417 for training and certification information. New: Certification Paths:     Additional info: Check Point Certification Pyramid
marco_dcr inside Training and Certification a week ago
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Renewal of ccsa and ccse certifications r77.30

Hi everyone,My certificates CCSA and CCSE R77.30 have expired , If I understand correctly, it is possible to take the test " 156-915.80 – CCSE Update"  to renew both, correct?would this test be the same as the CCSE R80  ( 156-315.80 – CCSE) ? Thank you.    


Hi Team,I have given CCSA exam before last week but till now, I haven't received certificate. Also, In my Checkpoint Account, it shows that "According to our records, no certification information was found for Please, let me know what should I do? I want to give CCSE exam based on this. I have appeared exam through Pearson Vue. I also have passing score and copy of this score.@Jason_Tugwell Thanks & Regards,Manish Bhanushali
Jebadhas inside Training and Certification a week ago
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CCSA R70 completed

I have completed CCSA R77, certificate expiring on 9th Feb 2020. Can someone guide me what is the next level I can do.Advance Thanks for helping me out.
Vengatesh_SR inside Training and Certification a week ago
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CCSM Study guides

Hello Folks, Can you help me with the CCSM study materials.Regards,SR
Danny inside Training and Certification 2 weeks ago
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Prerequisite for CCSE R80?

One of my colleagues passed the CCSA R80 exam two years ago. It'll expire tomorrow and he plans to do the CCSE R80 next week. He asked me if his then-expired CCSA R80 would be an issue.So I checked with the Check Point Certification FAQ - Updated December 2018However, I couldn't find any note about the expected status of required prerequisite (CCSA R80).
Danny inside Training and Certification 2 weeks ago
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Check Point Certification Pyramid

With the new R80 exams it's time for an updated Check Point Certification Pyramid CCSMSecurity MasterExams: Any prior CCSM or 156-315.80, 156-115.80 CCASAutomation SpecialistExam: 156-520 CCESEndpoint SpecialistExam: 156-530 CCCSCloud SpecialistExam: tbd CCMSMulti-DomainSpecialistExam: tbd CCVSVSXSpecialistExam: tbd CCSESecurity ExpertExams: 156-215.80, 156-315.80Practice: 156-604 CCSE UpdateSecurity ExpertExams: Any prior CCSE, 156-915.80Practice: 156-604 CCSASecurity AdministratorExam: 156-215.80Practice: 156-603   I only considered real Pearson VUE exams and did neither include sales exams, accreditations, CCSP, HackingPoint, Cyber Range trainings nor the online SkyPrep courses. It seems that Check Point Education is creating a completely new series of Specialist exams. Interesting times!   Check Point Education is: @shay_solomon , @Jason_Tugwell , @Toni_Ponder , @tramsey , Matthew Frey , Vanessa Johnson and others.   Certified Professional Logos Check Point Certification FAQ
Danny inside Training and Certification 2 weeks ago
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Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale 2019?

Will Check Point offer a Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale in 2019? - Cyber Monday Sale 2017 - - Black Friday Sale 2018 - @shay_solomon @Jason_Tugwell 
inside Training and Certification 2 weeks ago
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It's our Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2019 Sale!

Check Point Exam Promotions It’s our Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale!  We are offering a 25% discount on any exam using the promo code: Cyber2019 Exams may be taken anytime but must be scheduled by December 31, 2019. Additionally, for a limited time, the following practice exams will be offered at a 50% discount using the promo code: Practice50 156-603 – Check Point Certified Security Administrator R80 - Practice•156-604 – Check Point Certified Security Expert R80 - Practice Both of these promotions are available until December 31, 2019. Take advantage of these deals before they are gone! 
adventurer inside Training and Certification 3 weeks ago
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Check Point certification expiry question

I haven't been keeping up to date with Check Point certification matters ever since I got CCSA R65 many years ago.What I remember from back then is Check Point certification doesn't expire, but of course as the versions go up I'll remain certified for a older version. So now fast forward to 2019, I look this up again and found that this document says 2 years expiry. Was the expiry policy changed ?Did I miss a memo ? Regards.
DrEvil inside Training and Certification 3 weeks ago
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CCSE/CCSM Cerfified people number classified by country

Hi AllI was wondering if you guys are aware if a kind of a map or something similar showing how CCSE/CCSM a dislocated over the world exists.I'm basically looking for the number of CCSE/CCSM on a country basis (especially in Switzerland).Thanks in advance for your reply.
Ankur_Datta1 inside Training and Certification 2019-10-30
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Route Based VPN

Hi All, I facing issue while understanding route based vpn with cisco device. I tried to lab the scenario but its not working. the topology is as follows.R1--> Checkpoint firewall --> R2R1 loopback - loopback - objective is to ping to and traffic should go through tunnel.So i am creating route based vpn between checkpoint and r2. The steps that i performed on checkpoint firewall:1. created a tunnel interface remote peer: numberedlocal address address add route for ----> vpn tunnel int (next HOP)3. on checkpoint gateway in VPN domain call is it necessary to mention VPN domain in route based VPN or we can select or subnets behind gateway option.4. add inter-operable device - R2.5. in VPN community used mesh --> added gateway and router, configured phase 1 and phase 2 parameters and added shared secret on Cisco router i configured following.R1(config)#crypto isakmp policy 1R1(config-isakmp)#encryption 3desR1(config-isakmp)#authentication pre-shareR1(config-isakmp)#group 2R1(config-isakmp)#hash sha256R1(config-isakmp)#crypto isakmp key admin@123 address ipsec transform-set MY_TRANSFORM_SET esp-3des esp-sha256-hmac R1(cfg-crypto-trans)#mode tunnelR1(config)#crypto ipsec profile IPSEC_PROFILER1(ipsec-profile)#set transform-set MY_TRANSFORM_SETR1(config)#interface Tunnel 0R1(config-if)#ip address source destination protection ipsec profile IPSEC_PROFILER1(config)#ip route Tunnel0do we need to mention proxy-acl on cisco router as well. As i understand it is not necessary and routing decision will be taken in account instead of policy.Correct me if i am wrong somewhere. I am still a learner.THANKS
syedhaseeb2025 inside Training and Certification 2019-10-24
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Check Point Security Masters

Thanks for sharing check Point guide for Beginners material. Could you please let me know how do we get access to check point security masters course?  Thanks,Mohammed Syed
Yasir_Ashfaque inside Training and Certification 2019-10-21
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Hello Team,I would like to buy self study material for R80.10 CCSA/CCSE, Can i buy official guides from checkpoint ? i dont want to attend full day training, dont have bandwidth for it due to current projects.would like to pass CCSA/CCSE asap.Regards,Yasir Ashfaque