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maykes inside Training and Certification a week ago
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CCSA R77.30 upgrade CCSE

I have the active certification CCSA R77.30 until 2021, my doubt is to take the CCSE now that only has the R80 version what should I do?Do I have to take CCSA R80 again? Or can I take the CCSE upgrade exam?
Northy inside Training and Certification a week ago
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Re-certifying my CCSEq

I had held my CCSE R77.30 but it has since lapsed, im wondering if I would be able to take the R80 update exam (156-915.80)Does anyone know if I'm able to do this or if I have to start again from CCSA due to the lapse?  Also, I am trying to locate more information about the CCSE R80.20 exam but it seems the web page does not load whilst I'm at home or in the office. does anyone have the exam "blueprint" for the topics that are covered? I know it is not the whole list and I should prepare for as much as possible.  Thanks for any and all assistance
abed inside Training and Certification 2 weeks ago
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Check Point Certified CloudGuard Administrator - CCVSA

 I have accomplished the CCVSA  course on 18th of July but I have not received the certificate yet .  
Danny inside Training and Certification 2 weeks ago
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R80 Practice Exams - Available Now!

Check Point's R80 Practice Exams ( CCSA / CCSE) are now available at Pearson VUE!The exams are based on the R80.10 certification training course. CCSA Exam Code: 156-603CCSE Exam Code: 156-604 Language: English Program Announcement Check Point Exam Overview Check Point Certification FAQ Quick reference for Check Points new R80 exam numbers:156-215.80 – CCSA156-315.80 – CCSE156-915.80 – CCSE Update
amy567 inside Training and Certification 2 weeks ago
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checkpoint automation specialist exam

Hi AllHow to prepare for CCAS exam ?
Filip_Wennerhul inside Training and Certification 2 weeks ago
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Contiuning education credits

Hi, How much continuing education credits is CPX worth?I am wondering if i need to retake CCSE this summer or not. Currently i went to the CPX as well as a Sandblast course/test. I tried emailing but have not gotten a reply.Does anyone know?
amy567 inside Training and Certification 2 weeks ago
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Hi Team,I am trying to schedule 115-115.80 CCSM Exam using Voucher, it redeemed , but before submitting final order, i hit previous button, and by mistake exit the browser, Now i am not able to use this voucher again , giving error its already used. Please help. Neither my exam has scheduled nor I am able to use voucher again.
Red23 inside Training and Certification 2 weeks ago
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CCSE Re-certification

Hi everyone I am holding the CCSE R77 certification, and it's expiring in 2 months. do I need to take both CCSA R80 and CCSE R80 or just CCSE R80 Thank you Reda
Danny inside Training and Certification 3 weeks ago
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Check Point Certification Pyramid

With the new R80 exams it's time for an updated Check Point Certification Pyramid CCSMSecurity MasterExams: Any prior CCSM or 156-315.80, 156-115.80 CCASAutomation SpecialistExam: 156-520 CCESEndpoint SpecialistExam: 156-530 CCCSCloud SpecialistExam: tbd CCMSMulti-DomainSpecialistExam: tbd CCVSVSXSpecialistExam: tbd CCSESecurity ExpertExams: 156-215.80, 156-315.80Practice: 156-604 CCSE UpdateSecurity ExpertExams: Any prior CCSE, 156-915.80Practice: 156-604 CCSASecurity AdministratorExam: 156-215.80Practice: 156-603   I only considered real Pearson VUE exams and did neither include sales exams, accreditations, CCSP, HackingPoint, Cyber Range trainings nor the online SkyPrep courses. It seems that Check Point Education is creating a completely new series of Specialist exams. Interesting times!   Check Point Education is: @shay_solomon , @Jason_Tugwell , @Toni_Ponder , @tramsey , Matthew Frey , Vanessa Johnson and others.   Certified Professional Logos Check Point Certification FAQ
Yasir_Ashfaque inside Training and Certification 3 weeks ago
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Hello Team,I would like to buy self study material for R80.10 CCSA/CCSE, Can i buy official guides from checkpoint ? i dont want to attend full day training, dont have bandwidth for it due to current projects.would like to pass CCSA/CCSE asap.Regards,Yasir Ashfaque
Danny inside Training and Certification 3 weeks ago
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Check Point Accredited Maestro Expert - New exam available now!

Check Point Certified Maestro Expert exam is now available on Pearson VUE!   Exam code: 156-835 (Un-proctored)Language: English   Check Point Exam Overview   PriceUSD $250
markymarc inside Training and Certification a month ago
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R80 CCSA Practice Exams: A bit of a con really...

 I have just taken the CCSA practice exam in preparation for my exam.  I would not recommend this to anyone.It took more than a day for pearson VUE to approve my card payment before I could even sit the exam...i think the time limit i had on it was less that 20 hours before it expired.Anyway the practice consisted of 40 questions in 20 minutes. There was an explanation field at the top which i believe would give you the answer if you clicked on it?  I wouldn't know as i never got the chance.  The exam ran out of time before the end I wasn't even given the opportunity to review my answers.What did I learn?  Nothing.A bit of a con really, $50.00 for something you will not have time to review.... and checkpoint know this.
Bhikshukkumar_P inside Training and Certification a month ago
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CCSE R77.30 Last Date TO Appear

Hi Team, Can you please let us know about below points ASAP? (1) My CCSA R77.30 exam is expired on 1st week of November,2019. Is CCSE R77.30 still available or I must have to first take CCSA R80 & then go for CCSE R80. Fast response will be highly appreciated. When is the last date of CCSE R77.30 as I can't find this track in Checkpoint websites. I can only find for R80 tracks. Thanks & Regards,Bhikshuk Patel
KaFai inside Training and Certification 2019-09-15
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156-215.77: Check Point Certified Security Administrator Exam certification problem

Hi team, I have been successful completion and pass of the 156-215.77 exam on 29th August 2019, but I still have not received the certification download information related to E-mail,  and I have checked in ASSETS/INFO Certifications still have not found a certification, so please help. My CANDIDATE ID: CP0000107300, Thank a lot.


Hello, I was looking up the CCMA and I noticed one of the requirements is CCSE+.  I cannot find any details on this certification, is there any details available on what CCSE+ is?Many Thanks.