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Mistake on Security Management R80.20.M2 Administration Guide - nat46 example

I don't know where to report the mistake, so I post here, I am apologize if post in wrong place.If someone who could forward this to right person to corect it.========There shoud be a mistake on nat46 example in R80.20.M2 Adminstration Guide. (the...

Certification CCSA R80

Good day,I would like to know where I can obtain documentation to certify me CCSA R80, how long is the certification valid? How is it renewed?

Linux for checkpoint

Hi,I am looking to make career in checkpoint and want to pursue CCSA certification. Somebody told me to have an understanding of linux for checkpoint, is it so? And what path should i follow as i have no prior knowledge of this area? Any book to f...

Clarification on Command(s) to Enable Dynamic Dispatcher For CCSE

I've been cramming a bunch leading up to taking the R80.10 CCSE and was hoping to get a little clarification on the correct approach for answering a question like how to enable Dynamic Dispatcher.In sk105261 it seems to indicate that "fw ctl multi...

Expired CCSM R77 Certificate Renewal?

Hi,Have a question how long it is possible to renew an expired CCSM R77 certificate?I know you can for a while, but not for how long before you have go through CCSA->CCSE again to be able to take the CCSM exam.Anyone able to enlighten me? 
Robben_Aerts inside Training and Certification Wednesday
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Study Guide CCSE R80.10

The study guide for the R80.10 CCSE certification (165.315.80) is still referring to the R77.30 version. When will the guide on the website be updated for the new version?The link I'm referring to is this one:

Certificate not shown in User Center

Hello,i've passed CCSA exam a month ago but there is still no certificate displayed in User Center's profile (Assets/Info, My Certifications).On my score report it says that it will displayed within three weeks. Do i need to contact Check Poi...

CPX360 Cyber Range half year extension of our certifications

When will we get the CPX360 extension of our certifications (CCSA, CCSE and CCSM) for participation in Cyber Range?Are all certifications here extended by half a year or only the highest certification?I have noticed that last year in Barcelona onl...
inside Training and Certification 2 weeks ago
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Emerging Technologies Training and Certification Materials

We are happy to announce that Check Point has released new series of  training for Emerging Technologies: CloudGuard and SandBlast. Check Point Certified CloudGuard Administrator - CCVSAIn this course we will concentrate on the 3 major p...
Danny inside Training and Certification 2 weeks ago
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Check Point Certification Badges - Acclaim

Check Point Software Technologies - Acclaim Check Point partnered with Acclaim so you can now show your certification level online.Check Point decided for Acclaim just recently. See my Acclaim profile.As you all know, I like badges!

Appropriate training or certification

Hello, working today as SE and looking for a good way forward with Check Point. Primarily not technically "hands on" but more customer meetings and demos. Someone who can recommend the right education or way forward?
Danny inside Training and Certification 3 weeks ago
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How to renew a CCSA R80

My colleague's CCSA R80 recently expired. He is not required to upgrade to CCSE R80 as he is just a Junior Admin. He tried to renew his CCSA R80 certificate but Pearson Vue won't let him register the CCSA R80 exam again as he already passed the ex...
J_J inside Training and Certification 4 weeks ago
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Training videos for All-in-one (Security Gateway, Management, all Software Blades)

Do we have training videos for All-in-one (Security Gateway, Management, all Software Blades)?Thanks in advance!!!

CCSE R77.30 about to expire

Hi, My CCSE R77.30 is about to expire soon, may I take 156-915.80 or I should take 156-915.77 or 156-315.80 ?
Ivanildo_Galvao inside Training and Certification a month ago
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Getting Started with Checkpoint

Hello everyone, today I have knowledge and work with Sophos and Fortinet solutions, I would like to approach CheckPoint, learn about this powerful security solution and go for certification, where should I start?Thank you !