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What's the easiest way to copy both OS and HotFix images to gateway other than CPUSE

Use case : As HotFix image can't be uploaded without upgrading OS versions, I am exploring if there are any ways to copy JHF image to gateways to save time so that JHF could be applied right after upgrading OS.

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That’s precisely what a Blink image is (Version + JHF).

As there’s a bit more to it than simply copying the version + JHF, you can’t make them yourself.
But we do provide various Blink images that incorporate certain JHF.


@PhoneBoy has mentioned Blink already. Just for the sake of clarity, Blink completely replaces your file system in the existing environment, so all the local config will be gone and should be re-configured again.

Also, fir the record, CPUSE is the only upgrade mechanism for in-place upgrade. That said, if you want a better centralized upgrade control, look into CDT:

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No, you will end up using CPUSE in one way or the other 😎 Legacy ISOmorphic.exe had been able to install GAiA and HFAs from USB, but that did not work with every HFA...

Right after upgrading OS, you have to check new version number in Dashboard so you can just install Jumbo take for this version from here (including file download, install and reboot) !

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