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inside General Topics 2 hours ago
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Your Opinion Matters to Us!

Check Point is continuously driven to upgrade its solutions and features to ensure the best security for our customers. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to impact your security - Click the link to take the survey!  
Josh_Smith inside General Topics 3 hours ago
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Multi-Queue and LACP configuration

In the ClusterXL Admin Guide it states when utilizing Link Aggregation "To get the best performance, use static affinity for Link Aggregation", where it shows and recommends examples where you set the affinities for the bond interfaces to differen...
Sanjay_S inside General Topics 4 hours ago
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Communication between VSX environments

Hi All,We have a VSX environment where there are 2 environments. One is management(From where we login to the firewalls: vsenv 0) and the other is production(No management and login with the help of management VSX: vsenv 1).No we need to route a t...
Václav_Brožík inside General Topics 5 hours ago
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CPUSE build 1669 - What is "New HFoHF behaviour"?

SK contains a new CPUSE version build 1669: is new states:New HFoHF behaviourSupport upgrades to R80.30What is meant by "New H...
Clint_Revell inside General Topics 5 hours ago
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Identity agent asks user for settings after silent MSI install

We are deploying the Identity Agent for a customer and have packaged a custom MSI install (minus Packet Tagging) for distribution via SCCM.  We used the IAConfigTool.exe to customise and save a new MSI, including the setting "Copy configurati...
inside General Topics 6 hours ago
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EA Program for R80.30 with New Linux Kernel Coming Soon

We are about to launch an EA program for R80.30 based GW with new kernel (3.10). This will allow all those customers looking at newer Open Servers with new CPUs to actually try them out with Gaia and R80.30 GW code. IPv6 & VSX are also support...
Jesus_Cano inside General Topics 6 hours ago
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VPN disconnections

We are having vpn disconnections in our platform. At the beginning of this issue, we had vpn disconnections every hour. VPN Phase 2 fell and the other end (CISCO) did not notice, not renegotiating phase 2. We have changed the timers for both end-d...
Nicholas_Doropo inside General Topics 6 hours ago
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How to disable the firewall code

In the video found in this link (, it is said that for troubleshooting purposes the firewall code would sometimes need to be turned off so that the administrator could verify that the routing ...
Jason_Carrillo inside General Topics 6 hours ago
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RX-DRP/rx_missed_errors on Interface

We have a cluster of Open Hardware R80.10 systems that have some decent numbers of RX-DRPs showing up when we run netstat -ni. We are seeing that those numbers coincide with rx_missed_errors when we run the ethtool command. Output of netstat ni an...
crenatovb inside General Topics 6 hours ago
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ISP Redundancy (command fw isp_link)

Hello friends,I configured ISP redundancy and ran tests with the command fw isp_link.The tests indicate the proper functioning of the ISP Redundancy settings.However, when I disconnect the router interface that connects a link in CheckPoint, failo...
elbrabra_94 inside General Topics 7 hours ago
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Identity awarness and ldap filter usage

Hello,I'm using Identity Awarness and I need to create an LDAP group to check an attribute. To do that i'm using LDAP filter section but I just need to check a part of the memberOf attribute. I tried to use "*" as wildcard characters but it's not ...
HeikoAnkenbrand inside General Topics yesterday
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R80.x Performance Tuning and Debug Tips – TCPDUMP vs. CPPCAP

What is CPPCAP? TCPDUMP is a Linux tool which at times is not suitable for use with Gaia. Running TCPDUMP causes a significant increase in CPU usage and as a result impact the performance of the device. Even while filtering by specific inter...
inside General Topics yesterday
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New "How To" videos section - Tech Bytes

These are some weekly videos from the Western US SE Team: Event Management & Reporting with Smart Event (R80.20)
Javier_Pobeda inside General Topics yesterday
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R77.30 App & URL database - Category updates

Hi folks,Does anyone know how this gets updated? I'm looking at an old rule to allow "GitHub" category and it seems that it doesn't include and fails to load css and scripts when you browse the website.It's an easy work around but...
Daniel_Cimpeanu inside General Topics yesterday
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R80.10 no longer available on Check Point cloud

Hi everyone,I am in the process of upgrading a few appliances from R7x to R80.10 and I have recently noticed the attached error. Is there a specific reason for which R80.10 is no longer found in the Check Point cloud? Thank you,Daniel