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Kevin Orrison
When you perform automatic NAT on an object, you have two options. You can select a single firewall/cluster or All. Is there any way you can select two or something like Policy targets using automatic? The only way I can find is by doing manual NAT rules. It looks like it will let you do Policy Targets.
in Policy Management
Alex Gilis
I followed the superb walkthrough written by Danny Jung in order to establish a VPN between a Checkpoint 700 series (locally managed) and a central cluster of 5600 series gateways running R80.10.   While the setup worked, I encountered a rather strange issue, I could not troubleshoot a lot due to time and location constraints, and the customer… (Show more)
in Policy Management
Kaspars Zibarts
Challenge description: our user general internet access is limited to proxy only or very specific "whitelisted" IPs could be accessed directly bypassing proxy, i.e O365. Up until October we were able to script simple network group with all O365 IPv4 addresses based on XML information from MS. That has been streamedlined now and many services have… (Show more)
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Martha Shue
Click to view contentWhen viewing a group object in R80.10, is there a way to show the NAT properties for the objects within that group as we could previously in R77 and earlier?      I can't see to find a way to add fields to what's show in group objects and seems like there should be a NAT Properties field here like there is in Objects Explorer.  Any thoughts?   
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Jon Dyke
Hi All   I am currently having a very odd issue that I cannot get to the bottom of on pair of R80.10 gateways.  I am seeing 'weird drops' on rules which are actually accept rules.   Here is one example:- I open a browser on and go to    The site opens ok but :- fw ctl zdebug drop | grep   shows:-  … (Show more)
in Policy Management
Gerrard Leach
Hello, I am attempting to install SmartConsole R80 and R80.10 on a Windows 2012 server. The installer gets to about 90% and then fails. I receive an error log and it shows in can't find SmartConsolePreInstall.bat and yet I see it in the folder   [10-3-2017 15:25:05] OnInstallingFile: File=C:\Program Files… (Show more)
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Jonathan Aguilar
Good afternoon, what method can be used to deduce rules in an R77.10
in Policy Management
Hugo van der Kooij
Click to view contentUntill R77.30 we used an object with IP address to use in specific NAT rules to hide traffic behind the gateway. This works in my lab as with R80.10 but wether or not this is the best way to handle things is a bit unclear. This is import as one may need create creative rules to handle multiple ISP lines either with or without ISP… (Show more)
in Policy Management
Ivan Moore
By default the verify process only returns ~20'sh verify errors.  Is there a way to get it to return everything?  
in Policy Management
Gaurav Pandya
Click to view contentHi All,   I came to know the feature of R80.10 that we can make the dynamic objects for Microsoft services and others.  Prerequisite for both Mgmt and Gateway : R80.10 with Take 24 HFA.   ConfigurationIn SmartConsole, go to the Objects Explorer (in the upper right corner). Click on the .. button - go to the More menu - go to the Network…
in Policy Management
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