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Gaurav Pandya
Hi All,   I came to know the feature of R80.10 that we can make the dynamic objects for Microsoft services and others.  Prerequisite for both Mgmt and Gateway : R80.10 with Take 24 HFA.   ConfigurationIn SmartConsole, go to the Objects Explorer (in the upper right corner). Click on the .. button - go to the More menu - go to the Network…
in Policy Management
Yohan Vaisseau
I installed the client vpn check point mobile and I wish that the internet flows through the vpn
in Policy Management
Ted Hotchkiss
We are beginning to implement additional features with R80.10 since upgrading a couple months back, and I am attempting to construct an Inline Layer to address a specific source (domain), destination internal server, and to the smtp service only. In the first screenshot we see the existing and partially redacted rule. Rule 46 was initially… (Show more)
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Donald Paterson
Hi Tomer, Bringing this thread back up since I have found it and it is relevant to a situation I have seen. The version I am working on is R80.10 (it is 31 January 2018 today) and the behaviour of the system seems to be the same as ChrisF described (above) in terms of 1. the copying of rules with sectional titles is not supported and 2. there is… (Show more)
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Stuart Green
Hi,   Until recently we'd had an application-based rule which covered HTTPS inspection for Office 365 nicely but in the past month or so, something has changed at the Office 365 end which means that they don't play nicely any more.   To that end, I've visited Microsoft's Office 365 IP address and URL pages to get all of the IP addresses and URLs… (Show more)
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Basilio Alcantara
Based on the Pre upgrade verifier report the Business Applications category have been deprecated on R80 (sk106783), but when i try to search for these applications on R80.10 they are still being categorized under "Business Applications". how can i fix this ? it looks like that app wiki hasn't been really fully updated yet but when you do the… (Show more)
in Policy Management
Leonid Yachnin
Hi   we are using https inspection.   we added wrong certificate as outbond certificate.     how can we change it to the correct one?     Thanks
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Taimoor Muftee
Looking to upgrade management from R77.30 to R80.10. In QA I'm getting validation errors for the firewalls in bridge mode which have no IP addresses on the fail-open interfaces (so I don't have the ability to push from QA so I need to confirm if this is an issue installing policy? I cant seem to find any documentation on it.   
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Tomer Sole
Hi,   Check Point Compliance Blade provides built-in and user-defined security best practices to ensure that an administrator's work does not cause a misconfiguration. Some of those best practices are linked to regulations and requirements. With R80.10, you can browse versions of HIPAA, NIST, PCI and more. In order to include GDPR best… (Show more)
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