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Training and Certification

Discussions related to official Check Point Training and Certification. See the Check Point Certification FAQ before posting.

Vengatesh_SR inside Training and Certification Monday
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CCSM Study guides

Hello Folks, Can you help me with the CCSM study materials.Regards,SR
C_M inside Training and Certification Friday
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CCSE update for 2020?

When will the CCSE content be updated?  I read that it's based on R80.10. We are looking forward to R80.40, so I'm wondering if I should hold off until the course includes it. 
Danny inside Training and Certification Thursday
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CCSE Update R80 - New exam available now!

  Check Point Certified Security Expert Update exam is now available on Pearson VUE! This exam is based on the R80.10 CCSE certification training course. If you ever held a CCSE certification, even if it is currently expired, you are eligible for this Update exam. So you don't need to start over with CCSA R80.   Exam code: 156-915.80 Language: English   Program Announcement Check Point Certified Security Expert proves troubleshooting skills and the ability to maximize the performance of security networks.   Check Point Exam Overview   Check Point Certification FAQ    Quick reference for Check Points new R80 exam numbers: 156-215.80 – CCSA 156-315.80 – CCSE 156-915.80 – CCSE Update
inside Training and Certification a week ago
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Check Point Courseware to Be Distributed via Kortext in 2020

Just got word from @shay_solomon that starting 6th Jan 2020, Check Point Courseware kits will be delivered by our ATC network over a new eBook system called Kortext, which will replace Capsule Docs. End-users will be able to access the system from mobile and web platforms (IOS/android/WebApp) and can easily get educated for Check Point products (Either virtual or physical classes). Also, check out these redesigned book covers for the courseware:
xman03 inside Training and Certification a week ago
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CPX exam certification

Hello, I am trying to find out if Check Point is again offering the extended certification for taking your exam at CPX like they have done in years past. I can't find anything on it for New Orleans, and from what I heard it was not possible to take the CCSM exam in person at Las Vegas last year. If anyone has the answer to if I can take my CCSM in New Orleans and it be valid for 3 years, I would greatly appreciate it.
Nick_Doropoulos inside Training and Certification 2 weeks ago
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Hackingpoint courses

I just wanted to ask if the hackingpoint courses ( teach the attendants defense in addition to attack.I have already had a browse over the curriculum and I see that most of the learning objectives involve attacks but I would be equally interested in learning how to defend against every attack covered so I was wondering if somebody could confirm for me that attacks AND methods of defense are included in those courses.Thanks in advance.
ilcp inside Training and Certification 2 weeks ago
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ebook 80.10

Hello,One month ago I followed the course CCSA 80.20 (3 days). No students were able to use the ebooks during the course.It is a long story (and it shouldnt have been for just a ebook !) but I will try to summarise it. A bit shameful for Checkpoint... It takes a lot of energy to just open a pdf file...First of all, the given link to the students was 80.10 and we are following the 80.20 course with an instructor ebook 80.20. Very logical.2 weeks before the course our partner (company which organise the course) asked us to register for the ebookOne week before the course, we informed our partne it was impossible to open the ebook. No solution was found.Then, at the beginning of the course, we struggled and didn't succeed to use the ebook.3 weeks after the course, even if the partner contacted Cisco, we still can not use the ebook. We were asked to use an old version of Capsule Docs Viewer. The file is still protected.At the end of the CCSA course, I was asked if I wanted to follow the CCSE course. For sure, not in such conditions !Seriously, if you want to reach customer satisfaction, you have a lot to improve.
DrEvil inside Training and Certification 2 weeks ago
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CCSE/CCSM Cerfified people number classified by country

Hi AllI was wondering if you guys are aware if a kind of a map or something similar showing how CCSE/CCSM a dislocated over the world exists.I'm basically looking for the number of CCSE/CCSM on a country basis (especially in Switzerland).Thanks in advance for your reply.
inside Training and Certification 2 weeks ago
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One More Week...........

Our end of year certification promotion will expire on 31-December.  Don't miss this opportunity to get your certification current at a discounted rate! Promotion codes listed below: 25% discount on any exam using the promo code: Cyber2019 CCSA or CCSE practice exams will be offered at a 50% discount using the promo code: Practice50• 156-603 – Check Point Certified Security Administrator R80 - Practice• 156-604 – Check Point Certified Security Expert R80 - Practice Check Point Exams available at Pearson VUE   Toni PonderCheck Point Software TechnologiesManager, ATC Training Program      
Vengatesh-SR inside Training and Certification 3 weeks ago
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Certification help

Hi, Anyone have a idea how to contact the Checkpoint Exam Certification's team ? Regards,Vengatesh SR
Enyi_Ajoku inside Training and Certification 3 weeks ago
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Which Documentation Should I Study

Which Gaia Version would be ideal in preparation for CCSA exam. I'm a bit confused as to weather i should study R80.10, 20 or 30. 
inside Training and Certification 2019-12-14
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Maestro official documentation

Hi, In order to avoid any confusions, we strongly suggest to read and use the official Maestro documentation. The official documentation is published here: Any feedback on official documentation is welcome! (You can find feedback links in the guides)  Thanks Shay Solomon   Shay Solomon | Director, Education Products & Gamification +972-52-3769206 (IL) +415-2513078 (US) Tel Aviv, Israel | Irving, TX
Danny inside Training and Certification 2019-12-09
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Check Point Education Services Information

Check Point's Education Services just published sk163417 for training and certification information. New: Certification Paths:     Additional info: Check Point Certification Pyramid
marco_dcr inside Training and Certification 2019-12-05
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Renewal of ccsa and ccse certifications r77.30

Hi everyone,My certificates CCSA and CCSE R77.30 have expired , If I understand correctly, it is possible to take the test " 156-915.80 – CCSE Update"  to renew both, correct?would this test be the same as the CCSE R80  ( 156-315.80 – CCSE) ? Thank you.    


Hi Team,I have given CCSA exam before last week but till now, I haven't received certificate. Also, In my Checkpoint Account, it shows that "According to our records, no certification information was found for Please, let me know what should I do? I want to give CCSE exam based on this. I have appeared exam through Pearson Vue. I also have passing score and copy of this score.@Jason_Tugwell Thanks & Regards,Manish Bhanushali