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R80 CCSA Practice Exams: A bit of a con really...

 I have just taken the CCSA practice exam in preparation for my exam.  I would not recommend this to anyone.It took more than a day for pearson VUE to approve my card payment before I could even sit the exam...i think the time limit i had on it was less that 20 hours before it expired.Anyway the practice consisted of 40 questions in 20 minutes. There was an explanation field at the top which i believe would give you the answer if you clicked on it?  I wouldn't know as i never got the chance.  The exam ran out of time before the end I wasn't even given the opportunity to review my answers.What did I learn?  Nothing.A bit of a con really, $50.00 for something you will not have time to review.... and checkpoint know this.
KaFai inside Training and Certification Sunday
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156-215.77: Check Point Certified Security Administrator Exam certification problem

Hi team, I have been successful completion and pass of the 156-215.77 exam on 29th August 2019, but I still have not received the certification download information related to E-mail,  and I have checked in ASSETS/INFO Certifications still have not found a certification, so please help. My CANDIDATE ID: CP0000107300, Thank a lot.


Hello, I was looking up the CCMA and I noticed one of the requirements is CCSE+.  I cannot find any details on this certification, is there any details available on what CCSE+ is?Many Thanks.


Hi Team,I have given CCSA exam before last week but till now, I haven't received certificate. Also, In my Checkpoint Account, it shows that "According to our records, no certification information was found for Please, let me know what should I do? I want to give CCSE exam based on this. I have appeared exam through Pearson Vue. I also have passing score and copy of this score.@Jason_Tugwell Thanks & Regards,Manish Bhanushali

CCSE R77.30 Last Date TO Appear

Hi Team, Can you please let us know about below points ASAP? (1) My CCSA R77.30 exam is expired on 1st week of November,2019. Is CCSE R77.30 still available or I must have to first take CCSA R80 & then go for CCSE R80. Fast response will be highly appreciated. When is the last date of CCSE R77.30 as I can't find this track in Checkpoint websites. I can only find for R80 tracks. Thanks & Regards,Bhikshuk Patel
Abhishek_Kumar1 inside Training and Certification 2 weeks ago
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CCSM cerification trainig material

could you please share me some document for CCSM preparation?
mihindu inside Training and Certification 3 weeks ago
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CCSE Study materials

where can i find  CCSE R80 study guide . and relevant documents and videos 
inside Training and Certification 3 weeks ago
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Emerging Technologies Training and Certification Materials

We are happy to announce that Check Point has released new series of  training for Emerging Technologies: CloudGuard and SandBlast. Check Point Certified CloudGuard Administrator - CCVSAIn this course we will concentrate on the 3 major public cloud providers Azure, AWS and Google Cloud.By the end of this course you will be able to: Understand the different types of cloud platform Be familiar with the security risk and challenges when moving to the cloud Describe theCloudGuard solution for public cloud Be familiar with the different public cloud platform that CloudGuard protects Describe the different CloudGuard deployment methods and how to redirect traffic in these public cloud platforms Be familiar with CloudGuard licensing model for public cloud platformsCheck Point Certified SandBlast Administrator - CCSBAHackers constantly modify their strategies and techniques to evade detection and reach corporate resources. Zero-day protection from Check Point provides a deeper level of inspection so you can prevent more malware and zero-day attacks, while ensuring quick delivery of safe content to your users.Zero-day and advanced persistent threats use the element of surprise to bypass traditional security, making these threats difficult to protect against—and very popular with hackers. Traditional sand-boxing was designed to help with these types of threats, but cyber criminals have evolved their techniques, creating evasive malware that can avoid detection by many sandbox solutions. To get ahead, enterprises need a multi-faceted prevention strategy that combines proactive protection that eliminates threats before they reach users, and state-of-the-art CPU-level exploit detection to expose even the most highly camouflaged threats.In this course you will: learn all the benefits of using Check Point Zero Day Threat Prevention capabilities. deep dive into the most advanced technology in the market that deal with Unknown and targeted attacks also known as Zero Day Malware. learn about the different components that make up the SandBlast technology making it a complete and holistic solution for today's and tomorrows enterprise.SandBlast Mobile Sales Training & certification - CCSBMSThe goal of this course is to Introduce Sales personnel to the SandBlast Mobile offering by Check Point:Provide the tools needed to effectively sell and evangelize the solution to customers.Provide an overview of the Mobile Threat landscapeProvide an overview of the SandBlast Mobile solution and benefitsDefine recommended sales strategies, objection handling & review competitive landscapeDescribe available sale tools, demos, & the POC processSandBlast Mobile Technical Sales Training & certification - CCSBMSE The goal of this course is to introduce Sales engineers to the SandBlast Mobile offering by Check Point. The course will help you to:Provide the tools needed to effectively sell and evangelize the solution to customers and help the customer with the product evaluation process.Provide an overview of the Mobile Threat landscapeProvide an overview of the SBM solution and benefitsDefine recommended sales strategies, objection handling & review competitive landscapeUse Sales tools, demos, Knowledge base and contacts for successPerform Detailed Dashboard walkthrough (Hands-on)Run Attack Demo’s (MiTM lab)Work with Architecture & main flowsDo MDM IntegrationRun a successful POC processSandBlast Sales Training & Certification The new SandBlast Sales Course gives Check Point partners the opportunity to enhance their knowledge on the innovative and successful SandBlast suite of Zero-Day solutions, with an overview of SandBlast as a holistic solution (Network to Endpoint). The course will be concluded with a certification exam. Upon passing, a SandBlast certification will be updated in the user’s User Center/PartnerMAP profile and a plaque will be issued.Important:Please use this link to chose the courses you want to take: Make sure you subscribe with your UserCenter email.
abed inside Training and Certification 3 weeks ago
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Check Point Certified CloudGuard Administrator - CCVSA

 I have accomplished the CCVSA  course on 18th of July but I have not received the certificate yet .  

Renew CCSA when having valid CCSE

Hello, I need to provide valid CheckPoint CCSA certificate but it has expired  24-Mar-2018. I have valid CCSE R80 certificate (expires 25-May-2020). Which of those following options are possible?1. Is there any option to automatically extend lower certificates - in my case to get CCSA certificate valid until 25-May-2020?2. If I choose to renew CCSA is it possible to go to the exam for CCSA R80 (156-215.80)? My expired CCSA is R77, especially when I have CCSE valid. Thank youMarko
Danny inside Training and Certification a month ago
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CCSE Update R80 - New exam available now!

Check Point Certified Security Expert Update exam is now available on Pearson VUE! This exam is based on the R80.10 CCSE certification training course. If you ever held a CCSE certification, even if it is currently expired, you are eligible for this Update exam. So you don't need to start over with CCSA R80. Exam code: 156-915.80 Language: English Program Announcement Check Point Certified Security Expert proves troubleshooting skills and the ability to maximize the performance of security networks. Check Point Exam Overview Check Point Certification FAQ  Quick reference for Check Points new R80 exam numbers:156-215.80 – CCSA156-315.80 – CCSE156-915.80 – CCSE Update
Javier_Sanchez inside Training and Certification 2019-08-15
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CCSE R80 - Renewal

 Hi mates, my R80 ccse is about to expire in the next 2 months, i am actually considering renewal options. As thereseems to be not possible to retake the same ccse exame code, then i guess the rigth way would be to gofor the ccsm. I was also checking the ccmse but seems like its only available on r77, am i rigth ? What about the materials ? Found some posts regarding the possiblity of adquiring the course ware withoutattending the course, its over 600$ so im not sure if its worth, any sugestions/recomendations ?  RegardsJavier Sanchez
Danny inside Training and Certification 2019-08-14
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Check Point Certification Badges - Acclaim

Check Point Software Technologies - Acclaim  Check Point partnered with Acclaim so you can now show your certification level online. Check Point decided for Acclaim just recently. See my Acclaim profile.
WouterS inside Training and Certification 2019-08-12
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Preparing for 156-315.80

Hi there,Recently I passed the 156-215.80 exam, and now I want to prepare for the CCSE 156-315.80 exam. However, I cannot find any preparation materials, such as the CCSA R80 study guide.Are there simply no study guides for the CCSE exam? Is it mandatory to attend a course provided at an ATC? Hope to hear from you soon,Kind regards,Wouter 
JeffS inside Training and Certification 2019-08-10
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Absolute Beginners Guide to R80.x Installation problems

I tried - unsuccessfully to install GAIA and Smart Console using the instructions provided by Valeri_Loukine and ran into problems.  The installation seemed to work fine, but when I tried to run and GAIA, I kept getting a "403 Error"  I tried using both VMware Workstation 15 and VirtualBox, but was unable to connect.Would appreciate any assistance.My setup:Microsoft Surface Book 216GRAM500G HDRunning on wireless access.  Have a FingBox installed in network.Tried different browsers - Edge, Chrome, IE, FireFox I'm thinking that the IP addressing suggestions are what is screwing me up.. Thanks!