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inside SecureKnowledge yesterday
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Tip of the Week - Identity Awareness Large Scale Deployment

Deploying Identity Awareness in a large scale might be a challenge.  This SecureKnowledge article provides best practices guidelines for deploying Identity Awareness in large-scale deployments that include either a large number of users (>...
JASPAL_SINGH inside Training and Certification Wednesday
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Verify the Admin IP | Session Details !

Hi Friends,I want to know  the command  like to verify the IP of the system or platform from where I have login (ssh) the checkpoint gateway (R77.30 / R80 ) .Something like session login details etc. Regards,Jaspal Singh
inside How-To Videos Wednesday
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Use of Private ThreatCloud behind Load Balancer

I recently had a POC where we were required to demonstrate an HA configuration of the Private ThreatCloud in which traffic and failover was controlled by a pair of load balancers.    In this POC, the requirement was that devices in a spe...
paloaltofan inside Training and Certification Tuesday
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156-315.80 Question that was not covered in the course or course manual?

I'm not sure if this is the proper place to put this, but I'm concerned the current CCSE 156-135.80 test is not coinciding with the course ware.   The testing centers have feedback quizes and comments during the test, but I don't see an ...
inside CheckMates GO Tuesday
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CheckMates GO Episode # 02 - Threat Intelligence

Hello, The second episode of the CheckMates GO Podcast is out, and we have a very exciting episode this time! We have a fresh addition joining Yoav Arad Pinkas (@yoavara) and myself; Hadar Wiesen (@hadarw), a security analyst in the Managed Securi...

Please go participate in the 2019 Job Task Analysis Survey!

Greetings, The Education Services team is happy to announce that we are releasing a Job Task Analysis Survey. This survey will be used as a basis to construct and validate our core courses and certification exams, as well as to ensure that the inf...
inside SecureKnowledge a week ago
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Tip of the Week - Check Point Reference Architecture on Azure

Considering Azure deployment and need some guidance? Read this SecureKnowledge article explaining following a reference architecture of a Check Point Security Gateway protecting assets in an Azure virtual network.    
inside SecureKnowledge 2 weeks ago
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Article of the Week - Check Point Packet Injector

Understanding how a particular connection is matched through your security policy is vital. There is now a tool for that, Check Point Packet Injector.This utility is executed on the Security Gateway, simulating packets arriving from the sende...
inside Training and Certification 2 weeks ago
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Update for Certification Training Courses from ATC Partners

Check Point Education Services is happy to announce the print functionality has been restored to the CapsuleDoc Viewer application for Check Point e-Kits. The security vulnerability with the Adobe Viewer, versions 2018 and 2019, has been resolved....
inside How-To Videos 2 weeks ago
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LightBoard Series - Maestro - Security of hyperscale (technical deep dive)

Maestro’s architecture is designed to secure networks both large and small, by orchestrating multiple security gateways into one unified security system. It allows our customers to seamlessly increase their security solutions, on the fly with secu...
inside SecureKnowledge 2 weeks ago
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Tip of the Week - Domain Object in R80.10

Did you know it is now possible to use FQDN Domain Objects in R80.x Security Policies? SecureKnowledge article sk120633 explains both classic and FQDN modes for Domain Objects, and provides further references: How To, Best Practices, etc.
Robben_Aerts inside Training and Certification 2 weeks ago
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Study Guide CCSE R80.10

The study guide for the R80.10 CCSE certification (165.315.80) is still referring to the R77.30 version. When will the guide on the website be updated for the new version?The link I'm referring to is this one:
Vinayakkumar_An inside Training and Certification 3 weeks ago
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CCSA Study Guide

Hello Everyone, Can anyone let us know Best CCSA Self Study guide for R80.20.Thanks.....  
Wesley_van_der_ inside Training and Certification 3 weeks ago
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MDSM with VSX course still R77?

Hi all,Last year I passed my CCSA and CCSE exams. Now I am looking for my next course. I am still doubting between CCSM and MDSM with VSX. I lean more towards CCSM. Especially when I mentoined that de MDSM with VSX course is still R77?Does anyone ...
Jeremy_GIRAULT inside Training and Certification 3 weeks ago
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CCSE R77 renew

Hello, My CCSE R77 (156-315.77) will expire in less than 60 days.I am currently looking to renew my CCSE. Regarding the Certification FAQ (, I have a questio...