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Absolute Beginner’s Guide to R80.x

Author: @Craig_Brehm 


This document is intended for people who wish to get some hands-on experience with Check Point R80.x even if they have never touched it before. We will start by downloading the GAIA ISO and creating a Virtual Machine using either VMware Workstation or VirtualBox on your PC. Use your Windows PC as the host for the Virtual Machine and as the client for running SmartConsole.

Note: This lab has a Check Point device with a single interface. There is no “passing of traffic” through the security gateway in this lab. This is intended to keep it simple. The following exercises are simply a way to get hands-on experience with the basics of R80 (ISO installation, SmartConsole basics, object creation, rule creation, etc). You will see some traffic & logs based on the traffic between your host computer and the interface on the Check Point virtual machine. This is enough to get the basics.

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