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Part 1 - The Architecture


Check Point Software Technologies (Check Point for short) is a company operating exclusively on the field of Information Security and covering four main areas:

  1. Network Security on the perimeter and inside Data Centers.
  2. Cloud Security: Public, Private and Hybrid.
  3. Endpoint Security for both Windows and Macs.
  4. Mobile Security for Android and iOS devices.





In this article, we are discussing Network Security solutions with Check Point.

Network Defense. Three Tier Architecture components


The main product of Check Point is the network security solution – Next Generation Firewall (NGFW). When working with it, you will encounter three main components: Security Gateway, Security Management Server and SmartConsole.




  1. Security Gateway (SG) is usually deployed on the perimeter to control and secure traffic with Firewall and Threat Prevention capabilities.
  2. Security Management Server (SMS) de
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