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Part 8 - Network Address Translation

In this part, we will discuss different types of Network Address Translation (NAT), set up Internet access for our lab, and review a common example of Port Forwarding.


Types of NAT


NAT settings are part of the Access Control policy, as we have mentioned in Part 7:




Check Point has two different ways of setting up Network Address Translation: Automatic NAT and Manual NAT. Each of them allows configuring two different types of NAT: Hide NAT and Static NAT:




Hide NAT translates multiple internal addresses into a single IP (many to one translation). That allows internal clients to open connections to external networks. Outside of your security gateway, these connections will look as originated from a single IP address. To perform such Address Translation, the Security Gateway will change both the IP address and source port on the outgoing packets. On the return traffic, the destination IP address and port will be translated ba

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