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Part 9 - Application Control, URL Filtering and Content Awareness

In this lecture, we add Application Control, URL Filtering and Content Awareness functionalities to our Access Control policy. We also touch on the HTTPS Inspection feature.


Application Control & URL Filtering


Application Control and URL Filtering Software Blades enable security policies to identify and control usage of URLs and applications, including Web and social networking. While URL Filtering blade is Web oriented, Application Control works regardless of port and protocols.


Let’s take a look at the categories and applications. Open Object Explorer and chose Application Categories there:




You can look up specific categories and applications by:




If you do not have SmartConsole installed, refer to Check Point AppWiki:




Content Awareness


Content Awareness (CTNT) is a new blade introduced in R80.10 as part of the new Unified Access Control Policy. Using Content Awareness blade as part o

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