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Hi there, we need to configure the DMZ-Port as Internet-Connection with a static IP-Address.   I configured a static IP-Address via WebGUI. Internet-connection "Internet2" is configured with, but "show configuration" does not show this IP-Address.   set internet-connection "Internet2" type "pppoa" local-ipv4-address "auto" method… (Show more)
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in the display of system resources under system tools there are two lines for CPU use.  One is red and the other is blue.  What are the colors for?
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Dameon Welch Abernathy
New features in R77.20.60 include:   IPv6 support in 700 / 1400 / 1200R appliances Supported in locally managed and in centrally managed modes Central management of IPv6 functionality requires R80.10 Security Management Server with Hotfix. The Hotfix will be available soon in this sk. For more details, refer to sk118816 - IPv6 support for 700… (Show more)
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Lonny Bischoff
Just implemented a 730 appliance into our network and so far so good.  One questions I do have though is related to the anti-spam feature.  I have configured  the blade control to use Sender's IP and Email content and to block spam/ flag email subject of suspected spam but we are already seeing some legitimate e-mails come through flagged as… (Show more)
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Heath Mote
Has anyone done this and want to share their setup? We have MANY 1200Rs we are going to be deploying and want to do a remote access VPN that uses AD groups for access. Just any clues on remote access VPN with central management on embedded GAIA would be a start. We are at a loss on getting this setup.
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Carl Stainton
I am using a Checkpoint R600 appliance and wish to override the built in handling of l2tp traffic and forward to an internal vpn server. Has  anyone done this ? I've set up forwarding rules but they are overridden by the internal services for IKE and IKE traversal. Thanks for any advice, Carl
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