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Removing old R77.20 and R77.10 software on management server before upgrading from Checkpoint R77.30 to R80.10

Hi everyone

At the moment , I have these installed on my management server

Checkpoint Security Gateway R77_30
Checkpoint Security Gateway R77_20
Checkpoint Security Gateway R77_10
Checkpoint R77
Unified Endpoint Security Management R77_30
Unified Endpoint Security Management R77_20
Unified Endpoint Security Management R77_10
SmartEvent and SmartReporter Suite R77_30
SmartEvent and SmartReporter Suite R77_20
SmartEvent and SmartReporter Suite R77_10
Checkpoint SmartPortal R77_30
Checkpoint SmartPortal R77_20
Checkpoint SmartPortal R77_10
SmartLog R77_30
SmartLog R77_20
SmartLog R77_10
Checkpoint NGX Compatibility Package R77_30
Checkpoint NGX Compatibility Package R77_10
Checkpoint R71 Compatibility Package R77_10
Checkpoint R75 Compatibility Package R77_20
Checkpoint R75 Compatibility Package R77_10
Checkpoint Management Portal R77
Checkpoint SmartConsole R77.30
Checkpoint SmartConsole R77.20
Checkpoint SmartConsole R77

I wish to leave only R77.30 installed but finding it difficult to remove R77.20 / R77.10 / NGX compatibility software ( even with Iobit Uninstaller ) 

What would be the best way to do this and can someone point me in the right direction ?

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