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Identity Awareness Agent - prevent using a private device


we are currently in a POC, where we are testing Identity Awareness and the Identity Awareness Agent. In our setup the user is being authenticated via ldap at the Active Directory. Authentication via AD query is in our environment not possible because of company policies. We have created an access role to give users the permission to access internal ressources. This works as expected. We have now the requirement to ensure that the device from which the user connects is a company owned device and not a private. Has anyone an idea how to achieve this. Is there a posibility so set a shared secret (like the Terminal Server Agent) or something similar?

Thank you very much!


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The Access Role can also require specific machine names from AD, which would only happen if the user is on a corporate-provisioned access.
For Remote users, this can be done as part of the VPN client (either Endpoint Compliance or SCV checks). 

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