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How to master Checkpoint

I am working on checkpoint devices for few years and recently passed CCSA as well. My concern is how can I master Checkpoint by self study? I did not find any self study material that can be helpful to become a master or expert. Official training are too costly and SK's don't show any real work examples. SK's are helpful some time but only when you have some issue it does not prepare to learn how to T-shoot.

Is there are way to become expert like CISCO?

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There's no substitute for using the product.

There is a wealth of practical information on CheckMates of course, not to mention the experience you will get from participating in the community.



I did my CCSM few months ago.

I have done many R80.10 projects. I would recommend R77.30 CCSM, as you certainly have more experience here.

The questions refer to all information in Check Point's study guide for CCSM. If you have experience with Debug, ClusterXL, NAT, Chain, Core Blades, VPN,... it should be possible to pass it. Many questions refer to CLI commands.

Read the SK‘s to study guide commands and informations.

Otherwise long experience in firewall core blades and learning SK’s.

Study guide: 

Good luck!