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Maestro - Dual Side Question?

Check Point support L2 connectivity via switches for dual side integration, however, it must support Q-in-Q as well.
Latency requirement is <100ms and <5% loss.


Now my questions:

  • In all documentation I only found the following IP scheme. Can this be changed on the orchestrator side? The background to the question is that the customer uses this network and would like to use other IP's.

  • I can change the "inter-side-sync" with the following command:
           > set maestro port 1/47/1 type site_sync
           > set maestro configuration orchestrator-site-vlan 1000
    I would also define a trunk port on the cisco switch and add VLAN 1000 (red arrow in the picture).
           switch# configure terminal
           switch(config)# interface ethernet 3/1
           switch(config-if)# switchport trunk allow vlan 1000

    Is that all or is there more to configure here on orchestrator and cisco side.
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