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Maestro Masters Round Table June 2022: Video, Slides, and Q&A

Q&A and slides are below.

sk138672 says that MDPS is already supported. Is it already supported or it will be supported only from R81.20?

It is not included in R81 and R81.10. We will add it to R81.20. The best place to check for Maestro feature parity with main train is sk173183

Is there/will there be documentation on the "sp_upgrade" command/script mentioned in the admin guides?

It's already there for R81.10 as part of the admin guide and we will include the specific steps for MVC upgrade.

How about the limitation with Identity Awareness (external running PDP needed, sk175587) Will this be solved in future releases?

This is on the road map for the future, not sure on the exact release but it is planned.

For the upgrade with MVC with Maestro, based on testing, will there be connectivity drop for example 1-2 ping drop?

It will operate similar to regular ClusterXL and will depend on traffic load. That means there can be a drop of connections that weren't synced (due to short connection for example) or protocols that do not survive fail-overs. Ping loss should be very low to none (usually none - depends on ping rate of cours

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