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White Paper - Configuring Client Authentication in R80.20




Client Authentication permits multiple users and connections from the authorized IP address or host. Authorization is performed per machine, so client authentication is best enabled on single-user machines. For example, Client Authentication can be used to authorize FTP for a client machine to a specific server. With Client Authentication all users on this machine would now be authorized to use FTP to the same server. Users on other machines would not be able to use FTP. Client Authentication can be used on a number of connections for any service. Authentication can be set to valid for a time period. These authentication methods can also be used for unencrypted communication.

The document provides step by step guide on how to configure Client Authentication in R80.x.

Caution: Client Authentication is considered a legacy feature.



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Great writeup on a lesser known feature! I'm just curious if there's a specific reason why you wouldn't use Identity Awareness via Browser-Based Authentication for this type of access if you are just setting it up now?

We presently make use of this feature and I've been trying to get everything migrated to IA using 2FA and BBA. Just wondering if there's something else about this legacy feature that I've missed?


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