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White Papers Publishing Project

Hi CheckMaters,

As you may have mentioned, we are currently in the process of publishing white papers created by our Security Engineers around the globe. These documents cover various products, implementation scenarios, features and configuration details.  

Here is the list: 



A deeper dive into FQDN Objects
CDT and Blink
Guide to configure logging to SolarWinds LEM SIEM
Configuring R80.10 GW to send logs to Log Analytics
Restoring a large MDS environment in VMware from mds backup
Recovering a file from Gaia Snapshot
Integrating Custom IOC Feeds
Cloud Guard: Automated firewall Cluster Deployment with auto-scaling option
Log cleaning rule
Deploying Auto Scaling CloudGuard gateways in Azure using VM Scale Sets
Tufin integration with Check Point R80
Integration of Gemalto’s MobilePass+ Secure MFA and Managed Identities with the Check Point Firewall Mobile Access Blade as an IT Automator
Protecting IoT (Internet of Things) implementations with R80.10 and later Unified Policy, Protocol Signature, and Segmentation
Integration with Splunk Phantom
Check Point and LogRhythm: Integrated Enterprise Security
ClearPass & Checkpoint utilizing RESTful API and RADIUS Accounting
Azure Deployment
Leveraging Capsule Docs and DLP to provide IRM
Advanced Migration to R80.x Quick Guide
Updating Legacy DHCP Relay To Be R80.10 Ready
URL Filtering using SNI for HTTPS websites
Using AD certificates for outbound SSL inspection
Deploying CP GW/MGMT with gcloud shell
Publishing SmartConsole as a RemoteApp
Reducing False Positive DLP CGSaaS
CloudGuard SaaS Threat Prevention
Managing Threat Prevention IoCs
Introduction to Management CLI and JQ
Endpoint Policy Server in DMZ
Deploying Endpoint clients via GPO
Adding a CloudGuard Cluster into an existing AWS Environment
AAD compared to NIST
Logging OSPF transitions with syslog
Deploying SMS & a cluster on Azure
Management upgrade workbook
Azure Service Principal Configuration
Phantom integration
 Custom SmartEvent Reports
Updating Endpoint Client Version from EndPoint Management Server
Healthcare: Mobile Security Mobile Security
Configuring NAT64 for Internet Access in R80.20
Importing Custom IOC’s in Smart Console R80.20
URL Filtering Best Practices for Large Scale Deployment
SMB Technology Guide
Deploying 1200R Security Gateway with Zero Touch Cloud Service
SandBlast Cloud Office 365 to CloudGuard SaaS for Office 365 Migration
TWC/Spectrum VOIP with SMB appliances
Customer User Center Basics and Strategy
How to Batch Categorize URLs
Security Zones
How to configure Client Authentication in R80.20
HTTPS Inspection with Cisco Umbrella
Integration of Check Point Identity Collector and Cisco ISE
SMS and EPM log integration using SmartLog
Getting out of CPUSE Jumbo Jail
Distributed IPS Integration with Extreme Networks Network Access Control (NAC)
Configuring Check Point Security Gateway with an IPv6 Tunnel Broker
Updating 1200R Firmware with a USB Stick
Security Management Server Migration from R65 to R80.20
Ansible Deployment Guide for Check Point
Minimizing SBA Notifications with Check Point GuiDBedit
Using RADIUS Authentication for Remote Access VPN
Check Point Compliance Checking with Secure Configuration Verification
Check Point Configuration with Radware (Alteon) SSL Decrypt & URL/UserCheck
Logging & Monitoring, Events & Reports with R80.10
VSX Migration - Moving one VS at a Time
R80.20 Endpoint initial Configuration and Setup (CP4B Series)
Absolute Beginner’s Guide to R80.x
Site to Site VPN in R80.x

Implementing Non-FQDN Domain Objects
Utilizing GeoProtection and Updatable Objects Within the R80.20 Rulebase
Inline Layer Policy Best Practice


More documents to come!


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Re: White Papers Publishing Project

It's like ~joe!
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Re: White Papers Publishing Project

I was really wondering when this would become available, really nice job Valeri.
Thank you very much.
Regards, Maarten

Re: White Papers Publishing Project

We have a bunch of these, more will be coming soon.

Re: White Papers Publishing Project

Will be waiting for more of it.😀

Re: White Papers Publishing Project


I am only doing my simple publishing task. The kudos go to the authors of the papers 🙂


Re: White Papers Publishing Project

Great work and good content.

Best Regards

Re: White Papers Publishing Project

excellent repository! congratulations to the entire Check Point team that works to generate these valuable documents.

Just to make it notice, can't acess "Integration of Check Point Identity Collector and Cisco ISE". Please if you can correct it!!.
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Re: White Papers Publishing Project

We just had the wrong link for the paper there.
It should be fixed in the list now.
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