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Web Smartconsole road-map and SAML authentication?

Hello -- can anyone provide insight into road-map and whether new web-version of SmartConsole will support SAML identity assertion (ie.   SAML service provider)? 

I understand CP gateway can be a Identity Provider. 

Yes, I understand that thick client supports RADIUS and can integrate with DUO (proxy) for MFA.  

I'm hoping new web smartconsole will expand (and simplify?) customer MFA options -- especially those with strong Identity providers (like OKTA).   I'd prefer to avoid telling customer they must create a unique MFA environment specifically for checkpoint smartconsole auth vs just supporting existing SAML ecosystem already in existence.

Using Cloud Connector to easily and securely connect to SaaS (Software as a Service) applications using SAML
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SmartConsole itself currently doesn't support SAML authentication.
That said, we are doing a usability study on that which you should participate in:
Once it's supported there, then perhaps it can be added to Web SmartConsole. 

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We have already started development of SAML authentication for SmartConsole and target to have it as part of R81.20.

The target also includes making sure it works for both Windows SmartConsole and Web SmartConsole. We're not done yet, so this isn't an official commitment.

We hope it will be useful for many customers 😀


thanks @Tomer_Noy !

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