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Okta vs DUO?

Does anyone use or have an good/bad opinion on either Okta or DUO 2FA?  I have a customer asking which is better suited for use with Capsule VPN.  A quick Google search shows both are pretty neck and neck, so does anyone have any other real world input to offer?

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Re: Okta vs DUO?

I know we did an integration guide with Okta at some point, not sure about Duo.
Both would have to integrate to us via RADIUS.
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Re: Okta vs DUO?


you can have a look at this:


Basically you will need to use a RADIUS as proxy towards DUO.

For me, I installed and am using it with an ASA SSL VPN. That works like a charm, but needed some manipulation of the portal site for having checked the requesting client (recent browser version, OS, and so). I don´t know if this is possible with Check Point VPN. I Assume, here you can use DUO as plain 2FA provider. Enrollment was Easy too. QR Code to scan with mobile phone click, click, done.

They also provide Trial Access if you want to test it before buying.

Hope that helps a bit




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Re: Okta vs DUO?

When used for strictly MFA purposes, both are good, but if that's the only use case you are looking at, the RSA Authentication Manager may be a better fit due to the native integration with Check Point:

If, on the other hand, you are planning to use extended offerings of the vendor's solution, Okta has a lot more to offer.


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Re: Okta vs DUO?

Hi @MattDunn ,


Both Okta and DUO support RADIUS protocol, which can be integrate into Capsule VPN clients.

We also plan to add SAML integration later on this year, to Identity Awareness and Mobile Access, which both mentioned vendors also support them.