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What is route and how to configure route?

can anyone explain me in simple way

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There are two ways to configure routes: via the WebUI (reachable at https://firewall-ip) or via CLI (reachable via console cable or SSH to gateway).

For example, if I want to establish the "next hop" for the network as

set static-route nexthop gateway address on

Or in the WebUI:

I strongly recommend reading the R80.10 Gaia Administration Guide for more information.

If you want to do Dynamic Routing, then also read the R80.10 Gaia Advanced Routing Administration Guide.



If i have a single GW attached to a management server ..cant i add routes via SmartConsole ? i am unable to see Static route option under Network Management there.... Do i have to apply Route in Gaia Portal and then deploy Policy in SmartConsole ?
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You must add the route from the Gaia clish shell or from the Gaia web interface.  Assuming it is valid, the route will take effect immediately and a  policy install is not required.

There was an R77.30 feature called Central Device Management that could be enabled in the Global Properties that would let you manipulate static routes right on the firewall object in SmartDashboard, but this feature was not integrated directly into the R80+ SmartConsole and seems to only be part of the separate SmartProvisioning GUI now.

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