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Part 3 - Installing Security Management Server


In this lecture, we will cover installation and initial configuration of a new Security Management Server. The labs settings from the previous lecture.

Deployment Options

Security Management Server (SMS) can be deployed in two different options: Smart-1 Appliance or Open Server.

Let talk about both options in more detail.


1. Smart-1 Appliance

Check Point provides a wide range of Smart-1 appliances that are divided into two groups:

  • Enterprise (Smart-1 405, 410, 225, 525)
  • High End Enterprise (Smart-1 3050, 5050, 3150, 5150)





The main difference between two categories is about amount of Security Gateways such appliance can manage. The more firewalls to manage, the bigger the performance requirements for the management server appliance in CPU, RAM, and hard disk size.


2. Open Server

In case of the Open Server deployment, you install SMS on a dedicated physical server or as a virtual machine, with

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