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Part 10 - Identity Awareness


Identity Awareness (IA) allows you to easily add user, user group, and machine identity intelligence to your security defenses.

Traditionally, firewalls use IP addresses to monitor traffic and are unaware of the user and computer identities behind those IP addresses.

Identity Awareness maps users and computer identities to IP addresses, allowing you to enforce access and audit data based on identity. IA is an easy to deploy and scalable solution. It is applicable for both Active Directory and non-Active Directory based networks, as well as for employees and guest users.

Check Point supports both local and external users. Local users are defined on Security Management Server. External users are those whose records are managed on Active Directory, RADIUS, or an LDAP server.

Access Role objects define users, computers, and network locations as one object and can be used as a source or destination in a rule. Access Role objects can include one or more of

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claire et conscise 


How can I terminate this user1 session after log in sucessfully?


Hi @peterkhe1999 

maybe these command help you

to see user try this command
pdp monitor all | more

and to revoke(disconnect) user
pdp control revoke_ip [Client_IP]