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Alexandr Voevodenko
When the mode is enabled, clients lose contact with the server R77.30.
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Daniel Taney
Click to view contentI raised this issue in an older thread where a similar discussion was started but have kind of hit a wall, so I figured it may deserve its own thread. We bought electronic copies of the CCSA/CCSE courseware and I am stuck trying to get the Capsule Docs Viewer that was designated for use with these eBooks to integrate into Adobe Reader DC… (Show more)
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Frank Yuan
I am trying to install Capsule Docs on my machine but it keeps failing at the download stage with this error: The installer failed to download all the required files. please check your internet connection and try the installation again. I have checked everything, including firewall, anti-virus, etc. uninstalled Capsule viewer etc that could… (Show more)
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Valeri Loukine
Well, this is not a happy post.    I was struggling for half a day today, trying to figure why I cannot open a protected PDF today on Mac with  Capsule Doc Viewer. And the only answer I have is: It does not work at all!   Some details and screenshots are by the link
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Cindy Schmidt
Did you ever wonder What file types are supported by Capsule Docs?   As of today (May-2018), Check Point Capsule Docs support the following file types: 1. Office file types. 2. Adobe file types (not pro). 3. Autodesk AutoCAD file types:   ile Types Target Application *.DGN Autodesk AutoCAD *.DST Autodesk AutoCAD *.DWF Autodesk AutoCAD *.DWFX… (Show more)
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Andre K
Hi all, after upgrading my MacBook Pro to the latest macOS Majave the laptop ended in a boot loop. I ended up booting in safe mode en noticed in the crash report that it was referring to Capsule Docs. I ended up uninstalling Capsule Docs via cli which resolved the issue eventually. Not sure what version was installed, needed it once for opening… (Show more)
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Fabio Curcio
Capsule docs is supported in terminal environment and vmware horizon or citrix xendesktop?
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Daniel Collins
Does a reverse proxy have to be used for Capsule Docs? Can I just use a NAT on the firewall limited down to TCP/443?   All documentation refers to using a reverse proxy, but I can't see any reason why we can't just use a NAT (other than security reasons)
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