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John Binnington-Pearce
So I was using Capsule Docs App (not viewer as the performance was shockingly bad).  However, although I could now read my protected content without issue in Adobe, whenever I opened a MS Office application my Cylance protection kicked in for ISWMGR.exe (potential exploit) and rendered my whole office suite unusable.   The only option was to… (Show more)
in Capsule Docs
Chiko Phiri
Hello, I deployed capsule docs by installing the checkpoint endpoint client with the capsule docs blade enabled. I followed instructions in SmarEndpoint Admin Guide but when I try to protect a document I get the following error: "Protection Failure. You are trying to protect the file: document.docx The file cannot be protected as there are… (Show more)
in Capsule Docs
Tung Nguyen Son
Dear all,  I have issue with capsule docs com add-in which download from and use with Microsoft Office 2016 on Microsoft WIndows build 1803. The Com add-in cannot load on startup when start Microsoft office. I try to load manually, capsule docs status is initializing and Microsoft office hang.  Have you see this issue?
in Capsule Docs
Daniel Dor
Did you ever wonder What file types are supported by Capsule Docs?   As of today (May-2018), Check Point Capsule Docs support the following file types: 1. Office file types. 2. Adobe file types (not pro). 3. Autodesk AutoCAD file types:   ile Types Target Application *.DGN Autodesk AutoCAD *.DST Autodesk AutoCAD *.DWF Autodesk AutoCAD… (Show more)
in Capsule Docs
Don Paterson
Hello, Can anyone share plans or possible plans for Capsule Docs Viewer improvements in the pipeline?   I am forced to use Viewer since CD makes Office 2016 very unstable/unusable on my laptop. If I want to use CD I have to use a VM or another machine and not my primary work laptop. I find CDV slow to log in and then often slow to load… (Show more)
in Capsule Docs
Frank Yuan
I am trying to install Capsule Docs on my machine but it keeps failing at the download stage with this error: The installer failed to download all the required files. please check your internet connection and try the installation again. I have checked everything, including firewall, anti-virus, etc. uninstalled Capsule viewer etc that could… (Show more)
in Capsule Docs
Peter Huehne
Hello,   I've got these CCSE and CCSA training docs, and, while reading them is pretty tough due to the complexity of the subject, I also miss the ability to search the document for certain phrases. There is a text field available for searches, and it used to work until recently, but now it is non-editable. As an example, I read that "addresses… (Show more)
in Capsule Docs
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