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Management (R80.10)

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Justin Hickey
I'm trying to automate the regular export of snapshots. I always run into an issue with the 'path'. I don't understand, if this is an export, how else would the path be formatted ?   set snapshot export CPMGT_Snapshot_01 path ftp://admin:thepassword@ name CPMGT_Snapshot_01 NMSNAP0042  Bad Path input Thanks, Your CheckMate, Justin
in Management (R80.10)
Mikesh Khanal
1. I am planning to automate my Change requests and in order to do that I would like to know how could i use batch options for install-policy.   The option I tried: [Expert@mapcpmgmt01:0]# mgmt_cli install-policy --batch policypackage.csv --format json Line 2: { "code" : "generic_err_invalid_parameter_name", "message" : "Unrecognized… (Show more)
in Management (R80.10)
Magnus Holmberg
Hi,   I see that the documentation specify "free disk space" as 1 TB (installation includes OS) Is this to account for LOG:s or what comes the big number from?   We are running MDS, MLM and Event on separate boxses.   So currently we have.   MDS   MLM   Regards, Magnus
in Management (R80.10)
Eric Beasley
Is there an R80.10 API documentation URL that we can access for information now that we have the EA available?  I want to see what's new or changed.
in Management (R80.10)
Nima Chogyal
Well Im working on a case and i did a ton of research aswell but is it possible to block openVPN traffic using third party VPN softwares and stop the people in the network from abusing the internet and clogging the bandwidth? I am about to upgrade the gaia OS from R77.30 to R80.00 and will that be of any help?
in Management (R80.10)
Dameon Welch Abernathy
These videos were recorded originally for our partners by Jim Oqvist, but CheckMates members can now access this exclusive content! Introduction Duration R80 Management Training Introduction 00:04:30  Module 1: Introduction to Security Management   R80 Management Training Lesson 1 - Big Picture 00:38:50 R80 Management Training Lesson 2 -…
in Management (R80.10)
Rob McLoughlin
I'm attempting to comply to an audit request and have been asked to run fwm dbexport for a couple of things.  I get the fwmbin_cmain issue as described in sk115994.  I'm logging in as admin/expert to do this and still running into the issue.  The sk seems pretty self explanatory on what the fix is but obviously that's not working for me.  I did… (Show more)
in Management (R80.10)
Pedro Boavida
Hi,   I've noticed that with R80.10 there was a loss of functionality in user templates, namely group membership option. Its no longer there.   As for today we cannot have the newly created user automatically added to a given set of user group(s), as defined by the user template, as it used to worked before (<R80)   Although it is not visible… (Show more)
in Management (R80.10)
Alex Gilis
So while there is the option for Endpoint in R80.10 management, the SK still refer to the R77 E80.60 console and ISO, which is what I'm using now in a new deployment. So do I still need now to have a system for R80.10 management and another one for the endpoint management? I refer to sk107255.
in Management (R80.10)
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