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Bob Bent
Under the hood in R77 the policy matching process for Application Control, anti-malware, DLP (Data Loss Prevention and NAT (Network Address Translation) is done using a column-based search process. In R80.10 this process is now used to match the connection against the unified policy. The resulting match is still the first rule to match from the… (Show more)
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Juan Carlos
Hello,   I need to find a way to automate Administrators creation with RADIUS authentication on several Security Sanagement Servers. I don't want the RADIUS administrator to connect on each Security Management Server to creates the Administrators (he is not allowed to do that). I have tried to use the API but unfortunately I got the following… (Show more)
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Fredrik Holmberg
Hi,   As part of an R80 automation process creating VS-es using the API/CLI, we would like to set Logging parameters like log rotation at midnight + where to send logs (to mgmt or clm) etc.   Does anyone of you know where and how these parameters are set internally on R80? Unable to find any documentation covering these steps.   Would be… (Show more)
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Siva Vignesh
If my Active device went Hang mode, I guess the CCP Packets will not be send and now its State by device time to start initiating the CCP and take over the active device state but this is not normally happening, If the active device went Hang mode even then the secondary remains in statndy.   Could you please explain why this strange things… (Show more)
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Luis Ramon Santiago
Hi everyone. I'm begin with checkpoint so my knowledge about R80.x is little. I want to know if exists a way to calculate Power Security Units in R80.10 open server, with objetive to get a comparison vs appliance.   Thanks for advanced !
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R80.x FAQ   1.Where can I get R80.10? You can download the latest version of R80, with Release Notes, technical documentation, and migration tools here.   2. How do I migrate to R80.10? We are here to help you with your migration! The R80.x Upgrade Verification Service simulates your environment and verifies the upgrade against key R80…
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Hi Everybody, In company, i using 4 checkpoint 15400 for serverfarm and Internet Access. I want update database of application control & url filtering but when I click Update now then Smart Console don't show staus      How can update for this issue ? Best./ 
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Dea Team,   Below is my LAB setup. OS: GAIA R80.10 Distributed Environment.   By using R80.10 mgmt_cli tool I am tried to add host but after putting the command it's asking for username and password after putting the username and password I get the below error. "Peer certificate cannot be authenticated with given CA certificates"    I am… (Show more)
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Beacon Bits
Hi all,   I'm using R80.10.    The issue I'm facing is that a website that is allowed through URL filtering under "Computer/ Internet" category but being blocked by Application category "Anonymizer".   I'm aware that URL categorisation and Application categorisation are completely separate things and can be checked. URL categorisation = URL… (Show more)
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Phillip Runner
I'm running an R80.10 version of Security Managment Server.  With the new database format, etc. is it still recommended to do a cpstop before running 'migrate export -n <path>' ?   In automating the migrate export / move file off of the server, I'd prefer not to have to completely stop and restart the check point services if it isn't necessary.
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