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Brian Deutmeyer
I'd like to change all my LOM passwords using ipmitool via the API using run script. The issue I'm facing is the new password will be visible in SmartConsole when looking at tasks that have been run.  Is there a way to delete or hide certain tasks so we can keep certain data safe (like passwords)?
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Abhishek Kumar
Hi All -   I have a management server which is running with R77.30 Gaia. hardware is Smart-1 appliance, there are lots of objects which is not in used. due to high no of objects performance is very low. can you help me to find unused objects?   Regards Abhishek
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Jan Kleinhans
Hello,   we are using an official purchased wildcard certificate for the Identity Portal and Mobile Access. Is there any way to change the certificate without usind the SmartConsole (R80.10). That would provide the possibility to use let's encrypt certificates which have to be updated every 3 months.   Best Regards,   Jan
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Ashish Raval
Hi All,   On issuing command cphaprob stat on firewall cluster its showing toggle status Active/Standby and Active/Down. also wrp interface showing down.   SSECFWAESCDT301:0> cphaprob stat Cluster Mode: VSX High Availability (Active Up) with IGMP Membership Number Unique Address Assigned Load State 1 (local) 100% Active 2… (Show more)
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Matt Dunn
Hello, Has anyone figured out a way to have the R80.20.M1 and R80.20 SmartConsole installed and coexisting on the same machine?  I have customers on both versions and it's inconvenient having to uninstall one version to install the other version to make a change, then uninstall and install the other version again, sometimes several times a day. … (Show more)
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Kaspars Zibarts
For those running MDS management solution. What's your take on backup after R80.10? In our case in R77.30 backup was approx 3GB in size and it took less than half an hour to restore MDS and have it up and running. With R80.10 backup has grown to 18GB(!) within a year and actual process takes well over an hour if not closer to two. As an engineer I… (Show more)
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Angel Ramirez
Click to view contentHello friends, Has anyone else had this problem when updating? We have tried to perform an advance migration, with a clean installation and importing data with the migrate tools, and also I tried have done it directly with the CPUSE. We always get the same expired license problem. If we access to the license status page from Gaia web, the… (Show more)
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Hiep Bui
Hello, We are deploying some CP firewalls, 1 Multi domain management server and 1 multi domain Log server. I am a bit confused when getting licenses for the devices. Multi Domain server: Multi Domain Log server: In Multi domain server, we created 2 domains: - Domain1, with server =, log = gateway 1 will… (Show more)
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Import of package Check_Point_R80_10_JUMBO_HF_Bundle_T154_sk116380_FULL.tgz Failed   This package is not supported by current Deployment Agent build.   Please install CPUSE version 1567 or above to import the package.   hi Mates   can anyone share with me the TGZ with DA1577 as it seems TAC is too busy to do so 3-0650925051 does seem got… (Show more)
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Nikolai Borhart
Hello Community,   our Customer want just to limit the Bandwidth on a VLAN Interface from 1GB/s to 200MB/s. Is it enough to activate the QOS Blade and make a QoS custom  setup  on the VLAN Interface (Topolgy) ?? Or is necessary to configure a QoS Policy ?    
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