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Management (R80.10)

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Vladimir Yakovlev
Have any of you encountered this message when trying to connect to the fresh installed R80.10 SMS from Smart Console (portable): Failure while deserializing object of type 'CP.Management.Objects.Schema.DleServerCoreSvc.LoginResponse'.   Incidentally, while trying to look up this error on CheckMates:   I have no problem connecting to the SMS… (Show more)
in Management (R80.10)
Ekta Siwani
Hi,   I am trying to use filter option available in "show-access-rulebase" API available in R80.10. My code is in PHP. $rule_match_data = array(     "offset" => 0,     "limit" => 50,     "name" => "Network",     "filter-settings" => array("search-mode"=>"packet"),      "filter" => "mode:{Packet} src:{}  dst:{} svc:{80}… (Show more)
in Management (R80.10)
Libin Thomas
Hi Folks,   I am trying to do a NAT from Internal to DMZ servers , from internal subnet when it goes to DMZ servers the source should get a IP pool NAT  address.    Scenario From LAN side10.90.0.0 get translated at the firewall and gets a pool address in range. Another workstation that connects from gets a different… (Show more)
in Management (R80.10)
Ashish Shah
Hi,   We have R80.10 running as Management server for ClusterXL on R77.30.  Yesterday one of my team mate tried to add new interface to cluster via GUI first and than clicked "Get Interface" from SmartConsole. As per her, that changed everything for all interfaces including "Anti-Spoofing" settings and she has to backout changes.   Any reason… (Show more)
Hugo van der Kooij
Hi, Has anyone build a IPv6 setup in R80(.10) to the TunnelBroker of HE? I notcied that it didn't work and found these messages in /var/log/messages: netis_get_driver_info:Cannot get driver information for sit_6in4_2, Invalid argument If I ping the other end of the tunnel I get: icmp_seq=... Destination unreachable: Address unreachable I can… (Show more)
in Management (R80.10)
amith rao
Upgrade Issue from R77.30 to R80.10 I have a fresh installed R80.10     management and I'm trying to do a migrate import of the file exported from the original management with R80.10 pre-80 upgrade tool.   This procedure fails in the "Importing files..." step. The error produced in the migration log looks like this:   Executing cpdb using the… (Show more)
in Management (R80.10)
Paulo Aun
I need to create an object network for the list of ranges    Is there an easy way to create this list ? My firewall version is R77.30 
in Management (R80.10)
Mikesh Khanal
1. I am planning to automate my Change requests and in order to do that I would like to know how could i use batch options for install-policy.   The option I tried: [Expert@mapcpmgmt01:0]# mgmt_cli install-policy --batch policypackage.csv --format json Line 2: { "code" : "generic_err_invalid_parameter_name", "message" : "Unrecognized… (Show more)
in Management (R80.10)
Ivo Marques
Hi there,   I have one R77.10 MDS with 89 domains, now I have 3 more new clusters that I have to put in prodution. Can I install R80.10 on the clusters and manage with R77.10/R7730? If not, I have to go with R77.30 and after that upgrade the MDS and the gateways.   Thanks,
in Management (R80.10)
Dameon Welch Abernathy
These videos were recorded originally for our partners by Jim Oqvist, but CheckMates members can now access this exclusive content! Introduction Duration R80 Management Training Introduction 00:04:30  Module 1: Introduction to Security Management   R80 Management Training Lesson 1 - Big Picture 00:38:50 R80 Management Training Lesson 2 -…
in Management (R80.10)
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