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Thomas Eichelburg
Hello Check Mates,    i have just received an info from one of my customers. after installing the patches KB4487026/KB4485447 on their domain controllers the identity awarenress stopped working, a yellow exclamation mark in SmartView Monitor. and RAS via RADIUS stopped working alslo, users were no longer able to connect ... username or password… (Show more)
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Tom Stala
Virtual FIrewalls running R80.10 take 154 We are having issues with the firewall where we need to run zdebug drop to see traffic is actually being dropped.   it seems like when we run these commands the firewall becomes unresponsive fw ctl debug 0 fw ctl debug -buf 32000 -v 4   we can run top or cpstop  we can look at directories   but… (Show more)
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Crawford Comapny
  When i connect the checkpoint VPN Client at my home and working atleast 2 hours then i moved to my office without disconnect the VPN Client , Now i have tried to change my office network from my existing network , VPN client didn't ask any credential even i have changed my Network .. Can you help me why it has not asked , Can't be this… (Show more)
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Shay Lugassy
Click to view contentHello all,   With SmartConsole in version R80.20.M2, some of our Object Editors contain a new page – “Groups”.   This allows you to add or remove the object from groups without leaving the editor of the object.   This feature is enabled for hosts, services and networks. We plan to add this capability for more object types with our next…
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Vladimir Yakovlev
Recent experience: Customer had a host object with IP that was later assigned to a VS. The original object was then deleted, as it was no longer needed. Now, when trying to select "Origin" in Logs, this VS is not listed as one of the choices. In the Policy applied to that VS, we can click any rule with hits, select log for that rule,… (Show more)
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Enis Dunic
Click to view contentHi,   ClusterXL setup with HA. The active member shows this.   The other member shows this:   It says that a lower number of CoreXL instances was detected on the other member. Which is correct when I check.   The active member:   The member that is in Ready state:   What could have caused this? How come SmartConsole doesn't show any… (Show more)
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Julie Paul
Can I setup a read only user with a profile that only allows him to read logs and view his policy only?  This is on a SMS not an MDM.  The purpose is to allow a limited admin the ability to be restricted to just what they control or have a business need to see.  They do not see all the policies or logs, just their own at their remote location.  
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Anton Kazantsev
Click to view contentStrange behavior on my r80.10 gateway. I logged in SmartConsole and saw this:   Has anyone encountered this situation ?
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Poul Erik Overgaard
I face a situation in a VSX R80.20 environment, where IPsec ESP traffic are send to the broadcast MAC instead of the HSRP multicast MAC of the the adjacent routers. The VPN tunnel is established and other IPsec ESP traffic between the same two VPN terminating gateways are send correctly.     14:40:23.536514 00:12:c1:60:60:08 ^ Broadcast,… (Show more)
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Patrick Tuttle
Hello;   We just promoted using the procedure in the R80.20 admin guide, our secondary manager to a primary.  All seemed to go well but a few hours later logging stopped displaying in dashboard from the primary and was logging from the secondary in dashboard yet the logs are going to the primary as seen in the cli and the gateways have… (Show more)
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