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Chanatip Adisaktrakool
Dear All,   This is my first time to write question here.   I'm trying to test Endpoint Security Solution but noticed something that unsure correct/wrong regarding IP address of client machine that are showing with IP of Security Gateway on SmartEndpoint as highlight screen capture below     Remark my WIN7-VICTIM has IP and… (Show more)
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Michael Overby
We have approx 1500 endpoint clients and most are running version E80.65 and our Management Sever is  R77.30.03. We currently have 3 versions in environment, E80.65, E80.71 and now E80.83. Is there a best practices guide on how to upgrade the clients?   Thanks, Mike
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Colin Campbell
Does HTTPS categorization work on non-standard ports? How does the gateway decide that it has to or can categorize a site? 
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Romain Chicot
Hello,   I'm working with E80.83 version and it is working just fine. The thing is I would like to use a shortcut (on desktop or start menu) to launch the VPN connection. It was working on E80.62 but not anymore.   The shortcut target in E80.62 was "C:/Program Files (x86)/Checkpoint/Endpoint Connect/TrGUI.exe" startmenu When in E80.83, the… (Show more)
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Daolong Liu
hi    I want uninstall endpoint client ,but I forget the uninstall password, what should I do?  The server and the client is disconnected,according to sk106617 and sk62023 can't do 
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Ariel Gustavo Heredia Oliva
Hello, We have our Management server with all the necesary packets installed for endpoint management R77.30.03, We are not using endpoint. Now we want to upgrade to R80.10, but the pre_upgrade_verifier says we have to remove this plugin. When I run the UnixUninstallscript It says It can't be uninstalled, the cpuse don't allow to uninstall It… (Show more)
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Rob Ellis
In my "/opt/CPuepm-R77/logs/server_messages.log" I am getting hundreds of Dispatcher-Thread-10 errors stating:   "Transactions was terminated because one of the update commands failed"   These refer to the BLMconnector for assign license failing. Earlier in the log there are also references to the following:   PSQLException: Error: insert or… (Show more)
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Dan Roddy
I need to upgrade our endpoint clients from E80.70 to E80.82 using SCCM and we are having problems with the uninstall of the old version.     Here is the syntax from the SCCM Install Behavior..Specify the command to uninstall this application:   msiexec /x {D4DE00A5-606C-414A-B712-8B85682C0E40} /qn UNINST_PASSWORD=********   Here is the command… (Show more)
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Hi - I recently added URL Filtering and App control to a new cluster for guest traffic.  I found that access to is allowed even though the site is categorized as illegal/questionable (which I have set to block).  According to curl this seems due to the fact that the http request ultimately redirects to the https  site and the CN… (Show more)
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Sebastian Stabno
Hi all,   does any one knows if Endpoint Security 80.71 is working with 10.14?   thanks sebastian
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