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Vengatesh SR
Hi Guys,   We are not getting the alert in snmp tool whenever we reboot the gateway.   Can you please help me to configure the trap message for the gateway reboot.   Regards, Vengatesh SR
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Karlis Erglis
I cant upload smart card driver to CP Endpoint Security server for User Authentication (OneCheck) policy, Preboot Authentication Settings.  Im using CP SmartEndpoint console. P.S. - Client version E80.71.0232, Server version R77.30.
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Robert Mueller
Hi,   We use as EPS Client the E80.72 and since then we have 2 strange behaviors of the client..   In the c:\Users directory where the honepot files for the Anti-Ransomeware blade are stored there are a large amount of these folders (see attachment) - this couldn't be normal? (Anti-Ransomeware is disabled in the policy)     And the second… (Show more)
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Markus Hoyer
Dear Checkmates,   I am currently facing an issue, where Checkpoint endpoint is disabling Windows Firewall, which would be fine normally, except here the clients are running Direct Access as their VPN'ish solution.  Direct Access requires that Windows Firewall is enabled to function correctly, therefore I wanted to know whether any have had the… (Show more)
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Danny Jung
  Check Point just released Enterprise Endpoint Security E80.82 for Windows Clients solving a nasty bug when importing CSV files with Microsoft Excel.   Enterprise Endpoint Security E80.82 Windows Clients Endpoint Security Homepage   Check Point Endpoint Security support for macOS   Remote Access VPN Client Download (Standalone Client) for… (Show more)
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Jesús Toledano
Let's have a multidomain or multitenant Endpoint/SBA Management.
Juan Concepcion
URL Filtering for Endpoint Security.  Presently this is how it's accomplished which is daunting and unmanageable when is this slated to be fixed:   Note: This procedure needs to be repeated after every URL filtering policy change. Configuring URL Filtering - One-computer deploymentTo prepare to deploy the URL Filtering blade as part of Endpoint… (Show more)
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Thomas DeSmidt
The JAMF utility, for managing MAC's, only supports PKG and DMG files.   The EndPoint client compiled from the manager creates a .app file.  We have been unable to successfully push out a new client using the JAMF management for MACs. We have built an install with the JAMF utility but the client shows up with no policy, no blades, and no… (Show more)
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Moti Sagey
A thread per your request for RFE's WEBUI for endpoint Mathias Larsson Dameon Welch Abernathy
Johannes Schoen
The Endpoint Suite has the option to use pre-defined filetype-groups "image, drawing, archive, database....". Is there a documentation that clarifies, which MIME-Types are used in these groups?
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