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Marcus Halmsjo
After we upgraded endpoint server to E80.20 i have some issues with deployment rules. If a computer is in multiple virtual groups it no longer uses the rules with higher priority but if i put the computer directly in the rule it works.   The server TPNODE1 is in both the group "E80.87 Anti-Malware" and "Only Anti-Malware 80.80" and this rule… (Show more)
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Chris Tidwell
Is it possible to disable temporarily the endpoint anti-malware blade on one endpoint?
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tom allen
Hope this question is in the right area. Running a Proof of Concept for our company. On R20.80 and have some PC's with FDE. Since 90% of out PC's are off site how do I handle remote rebooting and getting back on the PC when there is no user on the other end? Thanks in advance for any help on this.  
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Stephan Budach
Apple has finally dropped the shoe and removed any Java-support from Safari 12, as has done Mozilla for Firefox. Is there a new SSL Network Extender in R80.20, which addresses this issue?
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Daniel Mercuri
In the Checkpoint Client for Windows 7 hosts. I am trying to find a command line option to force a client machine to update instead of clicking on the application and then clicking on update now.    Any help is appreciated.    Sincerely,    DM 
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Sebastian Stabno
Hi all,   does any one knows if Endpoint Security 80.71 is working with 10.14?   thanks sebastian
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SKY Alex
I have laptop encrypted from a former employer and yesterday my login and password just stopped going through. It's been 2 years since leaving them and I never removed the endpoint encryption. I'm looking for some help please. 
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Ed Gonzalez
Hi guys,   First, I appreciate any information but I do understand we can remove Kaspersky. That's not the question. Here is the questions. If we do remove it on say, R77.03.03 what do we REPLACE it with? Any SK, ISO, steps etc? Thanks,   Ed
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Howard Gyton
Hi,   I'm just wondering what the latest is on Endpoint support for MacOS 10.13 and the upcoming 10.14.  I realise that E80.71 has limited support, and even then only using local accounts.  This won't work for our envrionment as we use Centrify to bind our Macs to our Windows domain.   At the moment we can get away with downgrading machines to… (Show more)
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