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Arun R
Hi all,   I faced one strange issue very recently in my FDE machine.   I am using FDE without media encryption, due to some reason I connected my external hard drive to backup my files from my machine.   Soon after I connected it was not detect so I un-plug it and checked if it detects into some other machine. It was detected as expect but… (Show more)
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Michael Overby
Beware, If you have E80.65 clients, the AV signature file has not updated since Feb 3, 2019 on any of your clients.   The workaround is to install a new supported version or implement SK119835. The problem with either solution is you have to reboot the client. Now throw in the issue that the client is a server!!! We have E80.71 clients also… (Show more)
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Aaron Pritchard
Hi,   I am looking at deploying Endpoint Server, and running all blade flavours to our desktops, laptops and servers. However we run some Linux based servers.   How do i go about this? i can only see an install for FDE for linux for R70, thats about it. Our biggest 'concern' is finding a way to secure the endpoint using anti-virus, as we are… (Show more)
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Shahar Grober
Hi all,   Does anyone have some experience and insights on  FDE vs. BitLocker?  I was asked to do a comparison of the two products. I want to understand what are the pros/cons of each of them especially in terms of:    - Ease of deployment - OS/BIOS compatibility - issues with OS upgrades and updates - recovery and decrypt options    I know… (Show more)
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Martijn van der Graaf
Hi All,   One of our customer is reporting problems with Endpoint Connect. Sometimes users cannot connect to the gateway and  sometimes the connection is lost.   This is very random because some users can stay connected for more than 5 hours while other users cannot connect at all.   We ran a 'fw  ctl zdebug' and noticed the connection is drop… (Show more)
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Kevin Trinkner
Does anyone know how to quickly disable all endpoint blades on a client machine, for say software installation or troubleshooting?   I was given the idea of using a policy to disable blades, but that only disables some blades, not all, and it really isn't very convenient when you're just troubleshooting or doing a quick install.    Any ideas?  … (Show more)
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slobodan milidrag
Hello CheckMates,   Can anyone tell me what is the average size of the file that each endpoint download from management server during the anti malware database upgrade ?   For large number of endpoints, this is a very important information since it can cause network congestion in a case endpoints start anti malware database upgrade at the same… (Show more)
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When initiating a SCCM ZeroTouch Task Sequence on a running OS, the process stages files on the local drive and forces the machine to reboot into WinPE via the staged files. This process breaks when the local drive is encrypted. For other FDE products, the solution usually revolves around adding the encryption product's drivers to WinPE and/or not… (Show more)
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Stuart Green
Issue appears on Windows 10 PCs (patched and up to date with latest feature releases) where a Domain User can't log in to the PC.  The only user that can log in to the PC is the one that was used to install Endpoint.   All blades active in Endpoint.   User that is "disabled" is registered as a pre-boot user but also can't log in from pre-boot.  … (Show more)
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ckp maps
I have a question With a client I have the E80.90 version with the AntiMalware, SandBlast and VPN blades, in addition to this the client uses Microsoft Direct Access and the detail I have is that as a result of updating to that version of Endpoint, the Microsoft service. If I make them under wing version 80.88 without problems, the DirectAccess… (Show more)
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