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Hi all,   I found that I had enabled bypass feature in appliance. Bypass status appear bypass on. However, I can see it hit some implied rules in smartview tracker. Why? Is it normal? Who can give me correct answer?   B.R. herschel
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Dameon Welch-Abernathy
We are about to launch an EA program for R80.20 based gateway with a new Linux kernel (3.10, or 3.10.0-862 to be precise). This will allow all those customers looking at newer Open Servers with new CPUs to actually try them out with Gaia and R80.20 gateway code. There will be certain limitations, which will be listed in the official EA invitation.… (Show more)
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Ankur Datta
Hi All,   In my organization setup, I have 2 firewalls in cluster in active/standby mode and ISP redundancy configured in load sharing mode (50-50 ratio). The version firewall is running is R80.20.  There is only one default route configured on firewall pointing to ISP-1. I can see failover mechanism is working fine when ISP-1 goes down.… (Show more)
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Myo Min Zaw
Hi, In VRRP cluster, IPSO-390 Voyager and 5600 Gaia R77.30 appliances together? Initial setup is both of IPSO-390 appliances are VRRP cluster? During migration, take out one IPSO-390 appliances and connect with ne 5600 Gaia R77.30 gateway and form for VRRP cluster, that is possible approach?   Thanks.
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Demith Samaraweera
Hi All   I have a strange issue, we have CP 5900 VSX VSLS cluster with 3 virtual firewalls, only one is active on node-1 and others are active node-2. We have coreXL and SecureXL enabled with only IPS blade enabled, strangely on node 1 there is one firewall worker taking lot of CPU   Also strangely ~70% traffic takes F2F path without any… (Show more)
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Carlos Silva
Hello friends, how are you? Can someone help me?Regarding the topology below, it follows some questions.     Server must be routed via PBR. The server must access the Internet through the local link. My suggestion for PBR routing is: set pbr table ROUTERMPLS static-route default nexthop gateway address… (Show more)
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Matt Hubach
Hello, we would like to move some features we are running today from a Cisco router to the Checkpoint firewall. I have several questions about this. Currently we are redistributing our Checkpoint default route into our OSPF domain which works fine. However, we are preparing to implement a second Internet ISP connection and want to redistribute the… (Show more)
in Appliances and Gaia
We have had an issue since the beginning with our ESXi gateways where policy push randomly fails with the error: "Installation failed. Reason: TCP connectivity failure ( port = 18191 )( IP = )[error no. 10].". Sometimes policy push works fine, the next minute we'll get the error. It doesn't really matter when you're pushing, if it's… (Show more)
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Heiko Ankenbrand
Introduction   This drawing should give you an overview of the used R80 and R77 ports respectively communication flows. It should give you an overview of how different Check Point modules communicate with each other. Furthermore, services that are used for firewall operation are also considered. These firewall services are also partially mapped…
in Appliances and Gaia
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