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Jonathan Pitt
Does anyone have any information on Common Criteria EAL4+ compliance for R80.10?   There is no info here: Certified Check Point Solutions | Check Point Software regards anything beyond R77.30.   Anyone with info regards implied compliance or an ETA on a statement would be most welcomed. I appreciate that sometimes these statements come someway… (Show more)
in Appliances and Gaia
Robert Mueller
Hi,   We move from an McAfee Proxy to Checkpoint (transparent proxy) and I have to block the possibility to upload files to any cloud storage providers (Google Drive, Dropbox... a.s.o).. I've tried it with the application control and block for example Dropbix with the attached rule (this also wont work).. but I have to block all storage… (Show more)
in Appliances and Gaia
Eddie Norman
Good morning all.   I have a Security Management Server (Smart-1 504) running SPLAT and a Gateway (4400) running Gaia. Are there any known problems running both appliances with different operating systems?   I've attempted to put the 4400 in production replacing a UTM-1 576 but ran into unresolvable DHCP forwarding. It would work on the physical… (Show more)
in Appliances and Gaia
Paolo Francese
Hi, I'm experiencing WebUI (Gaia web portal) access problem after Firefox update to version 56. When I connect to WebUI I see the login page and after typed the credential I get a white page.   I've this issue on open server management and 5000 and 23000 gateways R80.10 take 42.   Anyone else is experiencing this issue? Is these any fix or… (Show more)
in Appliances and Gaia
Matt Hubach
Hello, we would like to move some features we are running today from a Cisco router to the Checkpoint firewall. I have several questions about this. Currently we are redistributing our Checkpoint default route into our OSPF domain which works fine. However, we are preparing to implement a second Internet ISP connection and want to redistribute the… (Show more)
in Appliances and Gaia
Jan de Gier
Hi,   We are finally replacing our FW cluster with old UTM appliances for 5600 appliances. I would like to keep the same names in the policy, but since the interface names change I would like to know what the best way is to migrate to the new appliances with minimal outage.   I was about to failover to HA - - move cables from the Primary… (Show more)
in Appliances and Gaia
Martijn van der Graaf
Hi All,   We have a customer with VSX which is using SNMP to monitor the load on virtual systems. He configured CPU per vs and below is a graph of the CPU load on a virtual system with only one firewall instance. All virtual system can use all the CPU's on the appliance (except the SND CPU's).   Customer has the feeling the CPU load is never… (Show more)
in Appliances and Gaia
Juan Concepcion
Documentation which explains how to deploy a site to site VPN between an Azure VPN Gateway and Check Point R80.10 Gateway with BGP routing exchange via route based vpn.
in Appliances and Gaia
Maros Kukan
Hello all,   Is there an east way how to display transceiver properties like the inserted type? So far I have tried through clish show interface ..,   [Expert@gw-4370e6:0]# ethtool eth3-01 Settings for eth3-01:         Supported ports: [ FIBRE ]         Supported link modes:   40000baseKR4/Full                                 40000baseCR4/Full… (Show more)
in Appliances and Gaia
Sharma Prashant
Hi Team,   In my test lab I tried upgrading the GW from r77 to r77.30 and got error of "insufficient space" . So I added the 2nd HDD (21 GB) in the VM and followed the "sk94671-How to add hardware resources, such as log storage, to a VMware Virtual Machine running Gaia OS"   I have added the /dev/sda ..and it was recognized by the GAIA. Using… (Show more)
in Appliances and Gaia
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