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Appliances and Gaia

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Kristian Nyquist
I have the following scenario:   Version of Gaia R80.10   External IP: xx.xx.xx.104 xx.xx.xx.105 xx.xx.xx.106   In my network i have two diffrent webserver that both are using port 80. On of the webserver i want to have on the external ip .105 and the other on .106 The webservers need to be open for connection from the outside. On… (Show more)
in Appliances and Gaia
Cesar Caballero
My appliance is directly connected to the internet with a public IP address, that's why I think is my only option. Is there a workarround to set up Full HA with an /30 network for my external interface? Thanks in advance.
in Appliances and Gaia
Nikhil Patil
Hi,   What is MTBF and MTTR value for security gateway 5100   Thank You..
in Appliances and Gaia
Sukdeep Singh
Multiple interfaces (Bond & Physical) showing as Partially UP. What could be reason behind this?    As per sk106488 . Tried installing JumboHotfix Take_216 but after that few of the interfaces were not visible in Smartview monitor as well as in CLI cphaprob.  4200 series - R77.30 - No jumbohotfix. What could be the reason of this behavior?  
in Appliances and Gaia
Hi All,   I would appreciate your assistance to solve issue with Gaia installation on esxi 6.5 in a lab environment. There is a LAN setup Client Laptop IP = Vsphere host =  <--- can be accessed from laptop Gaia guest os = < ---- is reachable from laptop SSH working fine But when try to… (Show more)
in Appliances and Gaia
Dameon Welch Abernathy
Appliances shipping from the factory now are shipping images as described in the following SK: Default Software Images for Check Point Appliances  This SK also notes the last version that shipped on appliances no longer sold by Check Point.
in Appliances and Gaia
Rashmiranjan Jena
Dear Friends,   My company brought a new Check point  12000 But i have no knowledge about this product.Kindly help me to install & configure .Please provide me document/Video related this product.
in Appliances and Gaia
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