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Appliances and Gaia

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Click to view contentProblem with cluster access 75.40 VS. Tell me what to do to fix? Never faced such
in Appliances and Gaia
Wolfgang Becher
Dear Checkmates, I had a question regarding the throughput of one VPN site2site-tunnel. We did some research with different appliances but did not get more then 900Mb/s for a single connection.   We tested 5600, 5800, 13800 and 15400, all with the same result. SecureXL is on, all VPN trafic is fully accelerated. Incoming and outgoing interface… (Show more)
in Appliances and Gaia
Jessica Nowak
Hello!   I have a question regarding adding a new traffic to a existing Checkpoint Infrastructure. My customer have 2 Checkpoint 12600 appliances with one VSX instance in each appliance (HA Architecture). They have an average og 600Mbps passing through the firewall with peaks of 800Mbps. They want to add a 100Mbps video streaming (TV channel)… (Show more)
in Appliances and Gaia
Bjorn Andre Kaland
Looks like the HCL have been updated just recently. But the date of  last updated says "Last Updated: August 5, 2018"  Last week I found Dell PowerEdge 740 on the list. Can't find that server anymore.  I was just about to order a Dell PowerEdge 740 this week. Kind of sad if they remove servers from this list when it was supported on R80   
in Appliances and Gaia
Alexander Kim
Remember the teasers about new Gaia features in EA (REST API and Dynamic CLI) ?   So, we are glad to let you know that both features are now available for download, and have public SKs with all relevant information :   Ender (REST API) - sk143612   Dynamic CLI - sk144112   Please, feel free to try them out, and let us know what you think.… (Show more)
in Appliances and Gaia
Phillip Runner
Has anyone gotten their hands on the new 6000 series appliances yet?  If so, what are your thoughts about them?  The pricing / performance looks pretty good.  I'd like to hear some feedback from anyone who has had a chance to play with them already.
in Appliances and Gaia
Antonio Martins
This message appears every time we boot the virtual appliances. I've only noticed this on R80.20 VAs.
in Appliances and Gaia
Christian Dave Mendoza
Hi Checkmates,   My netflow is not working. I have followed the configuration from SK102041.  The format I'm using is v9. The netflow server is Solarwinds. Any one having the same experience? Thanks!    
in Appliances and Gaia
Vladimir Yakovlev
When creating bonded interfaces and VLAN subinterfaces, the first VLAN ID we can define is 2. Does it mean that the bond itself should be assigned the IP in the network residing in VLAN 1 ?
in Appliances and Gaia
HyeongSeon Choi
Hi , All I'm to occur question while reading to "CP_R80.20_ClusterXL_AdminGuide". (P.114) This introduce configure Enhanced Bond in VRRP Cluster . but there is none description about Enhanced Bond. Please, let me know someone about Enhanced Bond. Kind Regards.
in Appliances and Gaia
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