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Virtual System bridge interfaces

Hello team,


I have been configuring some gateways in bridge mode with "inter-vlan multibridging" i mean:

3 bridge interfaces with the following squeme:

bridge 1 = bond2.10 and bond3.100

bridge 2 = bond2.20 and bond3.200

bridge 3 = bond2.30 and bond3.300

I had no problems with this configuration and the gateways bridge the traffic correctly between the corresponding vlan subinterfaces. By definition:

Bridging two interfaces causes every Ethernet frame that is received on one bridge port to be transmitted to the other port. Thus, the two bridge ports participate in the same Broadcast domain (which is different from router ports behavior).

Only two interfaces can be connected by a single Bridge interface. These two interfaces can then be thought of as a two-ports switch. Each port can be a physical, VLAN, or bond device.


I have tried to configure the same scenario in a VirtualSystem and I found the following limitation:

I have a VSX cluster and I followed this procedure:

1. Configure 2 bond interfaces in each VSX member:

add bonding group 2

set bonding group 2 mode 8023AD

set interface eth1-01

state on set interface eth1-02 state on

add bonding group 2 interface eth1-01

add bonding group 2 interface eth1-02

Set interface bond2 comments Outside


The same configuration with bond3.


2. I created the VLAN interfaces in the VSX Cluster via SmartClient. Then, when I create the VS, I select bridge mode, and then I add, for example, bond2.2 and bond 3.200. Vlan 2 is the outside vlan and vlan 200 is the inside vlan (both are in the same ip address range). The purpose of this is to bridge these vlan interfaces in order to force L2 traffic to pass through the VS. 

The problem is that when I try to add more bondX.y interfaces to the virtualsystem and click accept an ERROR is prompted: Something like interfaces vlan must be created in pairs for bridge.


I have read in VSX admin guide:

To configure the external and internal interfaces:

  1. In Virtual System Network Configuration page for the Separate Interfaces template in bridge mode, select the interfaces for the internal and external networks from the list.

    If the selected interface is a VLAN interface, enter the same VLAN tag in both the external and internal VLAN Tag fields. This field is not available for non-VLAN interfaces.


So after some tests I get the conclusion that in VS you can:

* Configure only one intervlan bridge interface (different vlan in external and internal interfaces)

* Configure multi-bridge interfaces with same vlan tag for internal and external interfaces.


* Configure multi-bridge interfaces with different vlan in external and internal interfaces (as you can do in standard gateway operation)



Is this correct? Do you know the reason that we cannot configure this on VirtualSystems? 


Thank you in advance.



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