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Issues migrating from Cisco ASA to Check Point

Hi Mates

Just to give more information about the issue I am facing with a customer network.

We are migrating the infrastructure from Cisco ASA to Check Point Firewall, everything seems to be working fine but we have this problem that I need help on how I can achieve the same cenario using Check Point. We are using R80.20




There is sit-to-site VPN between the Cisco Router and Check Point. the machines on Networks C and D must communicate with the machines in Networks A and B (vice-versa) using this site-to-site VPN between Check Point and Cisco Router. In addition to that, Networks C and D must also go to the internet through the site-to-site VPN with Check Point that is connected to the internet. 

The site-to-site VPN tunel is closed using the Ips: X.X.X.1 from the Firewall and the Peer is X.X.X.2, in order to allow communication between the Networks A and B and Networks C and D, I am doing NAT on the Firewall. Hence, if a host on network A is trying to connect to the Host on network C, the IP of the host in the network A is NATted to the Firewalls IP (X.X.X.1) and vice-versa.

So we have this cenario:

  1. Networks C and D area able to communicate with Network A and B, and they are also going to the internet through the tunel.
  2. Network A and B are able to access the internet as well using the F.F.F.2


  1. Network A and B are ONLY able to ping Network C and D, and nothing else. You cannot run RDP or SSH from Network A and B to networks C and D.
  2. There are some services on Network C that are published on the Internet; these services are also not working.
  3. Another issue that I will be facing too is the fact that with Cisco ASA, they have different site-to-site VPN with their partners using point-to-point links, how can I have Check Point having multiple site-to-site VPN using different interfaces. For example, there is tunnel with Cisco router using X.X.X.1 address, and another tunel with the partner using the F.F.F.1.

Your help will be appreciated


Thanks in advance

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