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Cloning group configuration - where is it?

Have been reading up on cloning groups and reviewing the configuration on a client's cluster.

When you run the "show configuration" clish command, nothing about cloning group configuration is shown here.

So my question is, where is the cloning group configuration saved?

Just thinking of a worst case scenario where a member crashes and needs to be RMA'd how can we be sure we have a valid copy of the cloning group configuration?  Did not see anything in the admin guide about this but if I missed it please point me in the right direction.



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Its been a while since I have used it, but easiest way is to web to the gateway and you wil see the cloning group option under system management.

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Thanks Ryan, Yes, I know where to configure this, and also how to configure in Clish, I would like to know where it gets saved. I don't see anything regarding cloning group when I issue the "show configuration" command.


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