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How can i upgrade checkpoint 1470 appliance to R88.10 ?

Hello people, 

I have checkpoint 1470 appliances. It is running on version R77.20.80.

Can i upgrade Checkpoint 1470 appliance to R80.10 from R77.20.80 ?

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R80.X for 1470 (or any SMB appliance on embedded GAIA) is not yet supported. It is on the roadmap to have alignment.


This answer is very misleading - as has been written in other articles here (e.g. Gaia Embedded - R80.10), OpenServer GAiA CP versions will never be installed on SMB because of very different hardware and software platforms (from SMBs flash storage to sfwd process replacing many processes from the full CP SW). What has been changed in R77.20.80 is the WebGUI design Smiley Happy.

As you do have a 1470 model you have a central management that helps to achieve a lot of functionality from R80.10 on the small SMB device, but there are limitations because of hardware no one could overcome...

CCSE CCTE SMB Specialist
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