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GravityZone (cloud) communication ports


I need some help with opening the ports needed for BitDefender GravityZone to work properly, but I'm most likely doing it wrong because the ports stay closed.

What is the correct method of doing it? I tried creating a Server in NAT section but I probaby misconfigured it. I'm not sure what is the correct IP address that I need to add at the Server Definitions Tab, is it supposed to be the public IP of the WAN connection or the Gateway IP address?



I also tried add manual rules in the Policy and Nat sections of the Firewall.

GravityZone needs the following ports: GravityZone required ports 

Thanks in advance

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Server objects are used to do PAT (Port Address Translation) for the gateway’s public IP.
The IP you specify in the object is the private IP of the host that will receive the translated traffic.


Thank you for the answer but I'm still unsure what is the proper way to open those ports in my scenario.
For example GravityZone needs port 7074 for the Relay agent to work.

I tried adding a manual rule in the policy tab of the Firewall as follows:

Fără titlu.jpg

I'm definitely doing something wrong because the port stays closed....

I'm not very familiar with CheckPoint so the whole interface is kind of confusing for me.

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You should see an Auto-Generated Rule for the relevant server object in your rules.
Provided you have configure the server object correctly with the correct ports, the ports should be open.
Be also mindful of the following setting (under Advanced).


When the port is accessed, do you see a log entry for it?
What troubleshooting have you done with tcpdump or similar to see where traffic is flowing to?

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