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Explorer for ubuntu 20.04 LTS


I have upgraded my computer to ubuntu 20.04 and I have realized that Check Point client for linux is not supported in this release:

Since Ubuntu 20.04 is a long-term support (LTS) release, this issue blocks seriously the usage of Check Point by linux users.

So, could you give me any suggestion to get around this problem?

thanks for your help!

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I used SNX on Linux Mint 20, which is based on Ubuntu 20.x, and it worked fine.
Did you actually try it?
Official support is, of course, a different question and we probably need to get that clarified @AndreiR.

In the near term, we plan to support StrongSWAN with R81 gateways.


@PhoneBoyi have issues as well with LTS 20.04.2. CP Gateway is R80.40

I did as follows:
log in via Firefox.
Click on connect
Info to download and install client
Install of cshell works fine. All required packages installed as stated in SK119772.
Closed firefox as mentioned during cshell install.
Start firefox again.
Click on connect
Info to download and install cshell...

Any hint where I can find a hint about the issue?

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I used SNX directly with an SMB gateway using the CLI, which is different from connecting with Mobile Access on R80.40.
You can bring it up through the TAC, but I suspect this is not currently supported.

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20.04 isn't supported yet.   True.

I get this

Starting Mobile  access Portal Agent....

Cannot start mobile access portal agent.  Installation aborted.

Looking forward to StrongSWAN

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