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Good day:

Has anyone deployed RemoteSpark in their MAB environment?

I tested this some time ago and it worked but was difficult for users as they thought the default web interface was to complex.  Too many options, etc.  What I like about it is that it supports more than just RDP.  In a mixed environment SSH and VNC are required also.

What I am curious on is if anyone has deployed it what does the implementation look like?

  • Is the implementation just sending users to the default RemoteSpark page? 
  • Is the implementation just passing parameters from the MAB link to the RemoteSpark instance?  How are the parameters determined per user.  RDP target, VNC target, SSH Target, etc.
  • Was a developer needed to customize the default page to make if more friendly?

RemoteSpark seems like a good stable solution but there are just some missing pieces that make is difficult to operationalize for mass deployment within MAB.

I think the best possible outcome would be an implementation similar to Ericom AccessNow where users are mapped to resources (RDP desktop) via an Active Directory attribute. 



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Certainly looks like an interesting solution.
Am curious how well it works with MAB independent of the "mass deployment" issues you bring up.
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