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DynamicID implemented per Active Directory Group Membership



For mobile access, I am trying to implement a solution in which members of a particular AD group is required the DynamicID OTP challenge and the rest of the users in the domain do not have this requirement.  

I have seen similar discussions to what it is I am trying to do, but nothing that seems to be exactly that.

1) If you are a member of the "OTP AD Group" then you get the OTP challenge.

2)  All other users pass thru with only username/password challenge.

Can anyone point me to a discussion where this has been clearly implemented or an SK?

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Hi there,


I also have a client who is interested in this type of solution.


Basically the use case is the client wants to force a particular type of Auth to a particular AD group....


(Is this not something that would have to be done on the remote access client rather than the firewall - since the firewall doesnt know which group the client is in until they auth - sort of a "what comes first - the chicken or the egg " type thing....)


Anyone got any ideas?


If you configure something in GW for authentication, it is valid for everyone. You can't configure a group1 to use pass+dynamicid and group2 to use cert+pass based on AD groups.

You select what type of auth to use (when you use SSL portal) or during the installation of a VPN client before even enter your username.


I think of something raw solution.

Let's say you configure 2 ways for authentication in CP GW settings:

1) username+pass+dynamicid


You can switch between them in the VPN client GUI or in the SSL Mobile portal. 

If you find a way to install and configure the laptops for group1 to use pass+dynamicid, for group2 - pass+cert and lock this configuration in the VPN client GUI you will achieve what you're looking for. Of course this is a hard work if you have more of laptops.

Another really raw solution - if you have 2 separate GWs for VPN, on gw1 configure user+pass+dynamicid, on gw2 configure username+pass+cert. Group1 initiate VPN to gw1 and group2 to gw2.




Hi Martin,


Thanks for your reply - yes I also thought of this and I managed to change the trac.config file and use the cpmsi_tool.exe to roll a customised msi that only had the single auth version in the drop down - this seemed to work great ...


The only issue is when it connects to the vpn it learns the other methods and repopulates the Auth settings with all the options 🙂


I have not figured out if one can stop that happening as yet 🙂



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yeah, the problem is how to lock the configuration of the client not to be able to change them auth methods when they are learned 🙂
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Thanks to everyone for your replies and suggestions.  I'm curious what this section of the authentications section would be used for?  My VPN clients are working with username/password.  Newer clients are bi-passing the Dynamic OTP, and I know how to correct that in the settings, but I am really curious what this section is for.

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this is how it's configure on my site. When I open the mobile access portal in the browser I have a drop-down menu where I select which method to use.

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