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Check Point Capsule for Remote Access VPN

Hi Community.

I am new to this platform.

Please assist. Some of my client are getting "Operation Time Out" error when trying to connect to the Remote Access VPN using Windows 10 built in VPN with Check Point Capsule.

The issue is intermmitent.

You connect successfully, after few minutes or seconds, the connection times out. Restarting the machine helps at times but sometimes it really gets pretty annoying as it will be timing out every session.

I have attached the screenshot.VPN Error.PNG


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Do you see any logs at Check Point site for these connections?
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Hi Martin,


There are no logs.

The issue has two behaviors:

- Sometimes the error is presented before even successfully connecting to the VPN. When you click connect, the error appears.

- Or the VPN initially connects successfully. After few seconds or minutes you start losing connection to corporate network resources. When you disconnect then try to reconnect the VPN it present you with the error message.

- So far the issue happens on Windows 10 machines using the Check Point capsule.

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