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Certificate Tokens VPN script


Hey Guys

I have a litle problem and i hope you can help me. In my work we bought a checkpoint solution , and we have to give 2000 vpn's users to our clients .

I developed a script what helps me to create all the users with a few parameters like

Date of Caducity : 14/04/2020

Authenticaded: Undefined

Enable: Ike

But when i have to install the "Manage Internal CA certificated per device" i cant do that , because that option create one token for every user, and i have to do manualy , and thats is not correct , and i think that checkpoint develop and automatic way to do that.

I hope I have explained







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What version/JHF are you on?
Note that prior to R80.40 with a recent JHF we didn’t even have official APIs to create users, though there were well published ways to do this with generic-object.
The certificate part of users appears not to have formal API support (even in latest versions), maybe @Omer_Kleinstern can comment if this can be done with generic-object or similar?

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Thanks a lot for your answear, yes we have the script and at least we can did that part of the job more faster (Create the user object) but we steel have to log in every user to create the certificate , and copy/paste in a excel user/certificate to send to our clients. ITS REALLY ANNOYING

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Configuring the "Certificates" part of users is possible with set-user API: 

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