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New SK Posted - Mobile Access DNS Suffix Deprecated

Hi all,

Following many months of consultation with TAC, the DNS Suffix option under Mobile Access within the gateway/cluster objected is going to be deprecated.

We raised a case with TAC a while ago now with regards to this feature not working in R80.40 VSX.

We were moving and migration a single R77.30 Gateway to a new VS running on .40. 

We had issues trying to get any of the web applications to load - with errors such as “Access Denied, destination requested is not authorised”

After investigation, we have seen the resolv.conf file within CVPNDIR fails to update the DNS suffix.

As such, Check Point are removing the feature and asking for a manual add to the applications going forward. This appears to be the most stable way of creating the applications.

Please see SK171040

Thanks all.

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