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Mobile Access Reverse Proxy (R80.40) - Limitations

Hello, Just want to share our experience implementing the MoB Reverse Proxy in R80.40.

Note: The sk110348 is a great article in conjunction with MoB R80.40 admin Guide.


In R80.40 at least, found another limitation not explicitly noted in the SK at the time of this post:

It seems It is only possible to use the IP assigned to the Firewall.

It is not possible to use another IP address that is available in the same Pub subnet.

Example: It is only possible to use the IP (FW IP address)


  • - GW NetworkService
  • - IP assigned to the Firewall / cluster.
  • - IP used for other NATs
  • - Free IP.
  • ...

We have implemented KB, and we have tried to use the 3rd or 4th IP. But it did not work.

Only worked when we pointed the DNSs to the 2nd IP instead of 3 or 4.


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I assume this is because the underlying MultiPortal infrastructure only works on the gateway IP and not others.

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