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Protect Your Mobile with Harmony Mobile TechTalk: Video, Sides, and Q&A

Q&A is below, slides are attached below that.


How do you handle cert pinned traffic?

Our ONP technology allows us to inspect the SSL traffic from the device network connection so we can block malicious traffic, access to phishing and zero-phishing pages, anti-bot, download prevention, ORL Filtering and conditional access. We do not scan any private content we just scan IP/DNS names and URLs. We do that using a Check Point SSL cert on the device. Note that some known destinations that are tagged as Excluded from ONP.

Do we have to deploy the solution on devices one-by-one?

No, you can deploy in bulk and also integrate with MDM/UEM solution that will push the app automatically to the employee devices, register the app and activate the protection all that using Zero-touch approach.

We use Harmony but have another VPN solution. Can can ONP work without VPN permissions?

Yes, ONP is policy based so you don't have to use it. Also, ONP has some capabilities to work with other corporate VPNs (side-by-side) when the corporate VPN is on the ONP will go automatically in suspend mode.

When will we be able to perform whitelisting for iO

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