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URL Filtering - Uncategorized Category

Hi -  We have been hit with a number of targeting phishing emails lately and although our users are trained there are still times when one of them will click a link that they shouldn't.

We have noticed that most if not all of the domains that are being used are newly registered which leads us to believe that using the URL filter and blocking the "Uncategorized" category would prevent our users from reaching the site.

Are any of you blocking the "Uncategorized" category ?

If you are blocking the "Uncategorized" category are you having problems with users not being able to access legitimate sites?


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Blocking the "uncategorized" category is something many organizations do.
It does mean you may need to make some exceptions for some end users, of course.

We do offer Zero-Phishing as a specific protection on the Endpoint, which might be something else to consider here.
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