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R80 MDS with R77.30 MLM?

We have a management platform (R77.30) with 2 x MDS (primary & HA) & 2 x MLM (primary & HA). When we upgrade the MDS's to R80.10, will they continue to talk to the R77.30 MLM and CLMs, or will these need to be upgraded at the same time?


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For a while we run our MDS/HA on R80.10 and MLM on R80 and it "worked". You were able to look at logs, But we were not able to install database nor add new CMA with CLM when requirement came. I would think it would be the same with R77.30 MLM, but best would be a lab Smiley Happy

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R80 MDS with R77 MLM configuration would not be supported and not recommended. As Kaspars touched on dbsync only works across log servers of same versions, sk42080 states patch level must be identical. SK110894 relates to SmartEvent however one line does also apply "...cannot also be the Log Server (when the management version is lower than R80), since the Log Server and the management must be on the same version".

I know it can be a pain (going through the same thing right now) to upgrade all at once but it's the only supported way to go about it.

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Hi Alex,


Were you able to upgrade as you mentioned ? any challenges ? any change in upgrade process ?


If upgraded already did you use CPUSE ? or offline migration ?


Can you please respond as we are in similar situation.

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