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DeepDive Webinar - R81.20 Seamless VPN Connection to Public Clouds Native Virtual Gateways

R81.20 Seamless VPN Connection to quickly establish a VPN tunnel from a Check Point Gateway to AWS, Azure, and GCP Native Virtual Gateways.

For Azure vWan VPN to Check Gateway - Seamless VPN on R81.20 - Step by Step click here

# Question Answer
1 What is the range of the 'set AS', and should it be different for each site connection to the same cloud tenant? the range is 64512–65534
no - the same AS will be set for all connections with the same AWS Virtual Private Gateway
2 How will you handle dual ISP for on-prem? AWS doesn't allow configuring of the 'Customer Gateway' with multiple external interfaces.
In order to achieve redundancy in the Checkpoint Side, you can configure them in AWS console as 2 separate objects of 'Customer Gateway'.
3 Do we need to open or allow any communication port on both the on-prem or AWS side to allow the communication? You will need to connect to your account on the cloud via CloudGuard controller. (By creating the datacenter object on the Management server and connecting successfully).
4 Are you going to do VWAN in Azure?  It's very different, and we are having issues ........ Azure VWAN also supported 
5 What is the default type of IKE version - 1 or 2, from the AWS site? IKEv1
6 Will the recording session be available for users like me? It will be available on Checkmates.
7 Also, a cluster with dual isp? the same solution for clusters with multiple public IPs - the AWS side is familiar only with the external VIP
8 What about ports or communication to allow for eg, ike ipsec bgp at on-prem or cloud security on aWS? Once you enable the VPN blade on the Security Gateway object, all the required VPN-related rules (IKE/IPsec) will be configured automatically.
9 Will this be available for ClusterXL? Yes, the feature is also supported on ClusterXL environments.
10 Can we have the recording later? Sure. It will be available on Checkmates
11 Is VPN Link Selection configured automatically if your main IP is not your external IP? No, since we didn't want to change the global configuration of the gateway and affect other VPN connections.
But as you know, the first section of the Link Selection, "IP Selection by the remote peer" is not relevant since the remote side is a third-party device and
it will no fetch our configuration - it will choose our external ip as this is the only IP configure as the external interface of the 'Customer Gateway' AWS object
12 Will this also be posted as an SK article? It will be posted on CheckMates
13 Does checkpoint have any provision for monitoring BGP or integration with monitoring tools currently only via Clish, but in the near future, we will introduce a new modern Dynamic Routing manager
14 Did this create the VTIs also? Yes. The VTIs are created automatically
15 Is VPN to AWS TGW supported? We are planning to add TGW support as part of the R82 majior release.
16 Route redistribution is recommended only for the simplest of requirements. Route maps are infinitely preferred. You are right
In this session, we focus on the VPN settings and configuration and show the new capabilities of our automation process
17 Will it also automatically create inbound BGP filters? yes
18 Management must be R82? The feature is supported starting from R81.20. So the Management must be R81.20 or higher
19 And if one of them is dynamic (i.e., 4G) live answered
20 What about VPN with 3rd parties who will obviously not provide access to their cloud environment?
Is it possible to manually import the AWS VPN config file to CP management?
At the moment, we do not have the ability to parse configuration files from any external platform for security reasons.
Also, when working with files, we will not be able to detect changes and keep the tunnel up-to-date.
21 What will happen with the VPN if the connectivity to the Data Center objects goes down or if the Data Center objects get deleted? The connectivity of the data center doesn't affect the connectivity of the tunnel itself.
The VPN tunnel will remain up as long as the VPN Gateway in the cloud is still up and accessible.
22 Are there any limitations on this relating to Maestro setups at all? live answered
23 If I have a smart console that runs r82, can I use SMB appliances? Is it a centrally managed SMB?
24 What is the version of this SMS? Can you show the VTIs after they were created automatically? The feature is supported in R81.20 and higher. Shay will show them in a moment.
25 can you use ecmp on bgp configuration? Yes, you can!
26 Will this work with an Azure vWAN hub VNG or just standalone? VPN Gateway in vWAN is supported as well.
27 Does gcp use public IPs for creating the VPN connection? Yes
28 Can BGP establish an md5 secret key in this scenario? No. Currently, this is not supported by the cloud vendors for the VPN gateways.
29 Is BGP a requirement for this to work? Would static routing also work with the same method? Currently, only Route-Based VPN is supported with our new feature, as this is the most common use case when working with cloud vendors.
A note, even with static-routing, the 2 sides should have VTIs as well.
30 Can we use static routing instead of BGP? Currently, only Route-Based VPN is supported. However, you can manually add a static route via the VTI instead of using the BGP configuration.
31 Can the VTI names be edited to be more descriptive? Yes, but it's not recommended.
32 Why not Star Community? You can use the feature on the Star community
33 who will fetch all these encryption-related parameters from the cloud service: smart console or mgmt server? is it possible via proxy? mgmt server, yes, proxy is supported
34 Is it going to be integrated into the Terraform provider and the API collection as of the R82 release? We have no plans to integrate the feature into Terraform for now.
35 in the case of a cluster, will VTIs also be created on the members and on the cluster object? What happens with the /30 range provided by the cloud "wizard"? our feature will create 2 vti member ips for each member and will create one "VIP" vti that, as you mention - will be the one provided by the AWS side
36 let's say that on-prem and AWS have the same internal networks; how would you configure that? (NAT?) Generally, this is not a recommended setup for VPN environments due to possible spoofing and routing issues and, therefore, should be avoided.
37 Thanks. Also, I just joined 5 minutes ago. Does this support Azure as well? Yes. AWS, Azure, and GCP are supported for now
38 amazing job you did creating this fetch from the cloud datacenter object and creating the VPN! Hands clapping! Thanks
39 what about DAIP gateway It's not supported on the cloud side and, therefore, not supported with this feature.
40 Maybe not directly related to this feature, but i’ve noticed an option to configure “link selection” per VPN Community. Is this coming in R82? yes, this great feature will be introduced in R82 GA.
41 In some documentation, Checkpoint recommends using the start community for route-based VPN. What's the big difference between them? In Star community, you can utilize the "Center" and "Satellite" roles to control how the VPN traffic is routed in that community.
42 What is the maximum number of VTI interfaces supported in R81.20? The "Tunnel ID" field in the VTI configuration can be any integer number between 1-32767. In most Chcekpoint's Appliances, the maximum number of interfaces is 1024. 
43 is this available for Quantum Spark, and if so, is it possible to configure it when the Firewall is locally managed? Currently, the feature is not supported on SMB. 
44 Can I get a recording of this session, please? Sure. it will be posted on CheckMates
45 Is it only support at R81.20? If yes, there is any chance for other versions? It's supported starting from MGMT R81.20 but for all GW running R80.40 and above. We have no plans to support previous versions for now.
46 Do these tunnel configurations support dual-stack IPV6? IPv6 is currently not supported
47 Will it be supported in R82? Yes.
48 Full functionality on VSX Yes.
49 I might have missed this, but is GCP Cloudguard MiG supported? Currently not.
50 Recently, we had a lot of difficulties implementing the VPN between CP r81.20 with cisco ASA; even with case support from CP and hours of tshoot the tunnel didn't work, and we were forced to remove CP from the network and reinstall the old ASA to maintain VPN with another functional ASA, have you improved compatibility with other manufacturers, such as Cisco? The main goal of the feature is to provide a better user experience when connecting your on-prem to the public cloud by automating the configuration process based on the configuration that resides on the cloud side. 
51 Is there support for dynamic DNS? No, since Dynamic IP is not supported when connecting to the public cloud.
52 Does R82 support pfs group 21? i know AWS VPN currently supports it
how does the automation deal with PH1/PH2 unsupported encryption parameters?
yes, we will send a log
53 Can you see any issue supporting this to a CloudGuard Azure VWAN environment? VPN Gateway in vWAN is supported as well.
54 Will Oracle Cloud (OCI) be supported in a similar fashion in the future? Currently, we have no plans to support Oracle Cloud.
55 Any thoughts on support for multiple sites?  2 on-prem locations, 2 cloud regions? yes, connecting our on-prem to 2 different cloud regions is supported and will be created automatically when the feature is running
56 Can traffic leaving and entering the VPN at Azure be forced to route through a CloudGuard gateway to control what traffic uses the VPN? Yes but this is a different CloudGuard solution. 
57 Could this VPN have 2 Azure targets, say UK South and UK West, but prioritize UK South and only use UK West if UK South goes down or is not accessible? Yes, you just need to set up the VPN tunnels as Primary-Backup on the Azure side, and we will act accordingly. The Security Gateway will pass traffic to the active Azure endpoint based on the BGP decision.
58 In R82, if the VPN  goes down, will the Check Point try to update? If the configuration was updated on the cloud side, the changes will be fetched and applied automatically on the CheckPoint Gateway
59 This looks to be for connecting my gateway to my own cloud. Do you see this process being used for S2S for third-party VPN connections to business partners? Currently, we have no plans to support automatic configuration against other business partners.
60 Does the BGP as number matter? What if we have our own corporate BGP AS Number BGP settings are configured by you in the cloud, and therefore, you can use your own AS number.
61 Are the routes for both tunnels equal cost, or does it create a local preference? They are equal, and they are both connected. The remote side will choose through which of them it will advertise the BGP routes, and we will react accordingly.
Anyway, traffic can be asymmetric if it is returned through the second tunnel, and it is also supported.
62 In what version is the automation of creating VTI and other settings supported? Starting from R81.20
63 How does the API create interfaces in the Cluster environment?
Normally, AWS provides only 1 IP from network 169 (APIPA) to the customer to create the route-based VPN,
and when the environment is in a cluster, the customer needs to create the other 2 IPs manually for network 169 (APIPA).
It was a challenging task, but we managed to automate this step as well!
our feature will create 2 vti member ips for each member and will create one "VIP" vti that, as you mention - will be the one provided by the AWS side
64 Is this supported on vsx cluster as well? Yes, it is supported
65 What gateway version os supported Any gateway version
66 when you manually configure BGP, all learned routes are restricted as well. Route maps or inbound-route filters need to be created to accept the learned routes. 
I'm just wondering how the routes get learned right away.
At the moment, the route map should still be configured manually for security reasons. In the next release, we will have the ability to manage the dynamic routes in a new modern UI component.
67 Does the procedure automatically create the vpnt interfaces on Gaia OS? Yes
68 Do we use VTI? Is the VTI configured directly on the gateway via API? Cluster is supported? Yes, VTIs are automatically created.
Cluster is supported.
69 Is the inbound route filter wide open, though?  I think it's restricted by default (for learning the CSP routes) it is restricted to a specific remote ASN
70 Is bgp required for this feature? Will it not work with static routes? At this milestone, we are fetching the BGP configuration as part of the process, as this is the default and the best practice method when working with most of the cloud vendors.
In the near future, we will have the ability to work with static routes via VTIs
71 In Azure, is there any restriction on the IKE/IPsec policy if the customer is using custom? Or do we need to stay with Default? You can use custom settings
72 How much more work is involved if x.509 certs are used instead of PSK? Certificated-based authentication is not supported at this stage.
15 Replies

Had to register for this, sounds interesting.



Thank you for the excellent demonstration on how to establish a VPN tunnel to a public cloud in R81.20. Was the session recorded and available to be watched again? There was so much information, it was hard to soak it all in. Thanks again.

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Hello, Shay_Levin. Thank you for presenting yesterday's session; could you please upload the webinar session record demonstrating how to use R81.20 Seamless VPN Connection?

Many Thanks

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Thank you Shay, Is it supported if on-premise gateway is VSX?

0 Kudos

Yes, VSX is also supported.

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While fetching cloud settings from Azure we get an error "Malformed response from the cloud data center" for the task "Configuring the VPN Cloud settings for...", although Azure data center object has "Connected" status. Do you know where to look for the troubleshoting?






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Some settings you didn't configure right on Azure side. 

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Thanks... I will check... Do you maybe have some how-to instructions in written form or the above video is the only instruction so far?


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Hi, this feature is documented on the R81.20 admin guide, but it does not contain any Azure-side documentation.

Does the Virtual network gateway and the Local network gateway are on the same resource group?

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Virtual network gateway and Local network gateway are on the same resource group. 



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What are the minimum permissions required for the user account/role in each CSP the data center object is using?

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Read permission 

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Is a S2S VPN to a AWS transit gateway supported?

After creating an AWS data center object, when I right-click on the object there is no import option. However, if i import the data center object in a rule, I can see all object the account has access to. Our management server is running R81.20 take 26. 

0 Kudos

Hi Simon, 

Seamless VPN to TGW is not yet supported, but it's on the roadmap.

Regarding the missing import button, I checked it with RnD, they are not aware of such an issue.

I will send you an email to schedule a meeting for a demonstration of the issue.


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That's unfortunate, considering TGW is ubiquitous in most designs now. 

Thanks for the update.

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