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DeepDive Webinar - R81.20 Seamless VPN Connection to Public Clouds Native Virtual Gateways

R81.20 Seamless VPN Connection to quickly establish a VPN tunnel from a Check Point Gateway to AWS, Azure, and GCP Native Virtual Gateways.

For Azure vWan VPN to Check Gateway - Seamless VPN on R81.20 - Step by Step click here

# Question Answer
1 What is the range of the 'set AS', and should it be different for each site connection to the same cloud tenant? the range is 64512–65534
no - the same AS will be set for all connections with the same AWS Virtual Private Gateway
2 How will you handle dual ISP for on-prem? AWS doesn't allow configuring of the 'Customer Gateway' with multiple external interfaces.
In order to achieve redundancy in the Checkpoint Side, you can configure them in AWS console as 2 separate objects of 'Customer Gateway'.
3 Do we need to open or allow any communication port on both the on-prem or AWS side to allow the communication? You will need to connect to your account on the cloud via CloudGuard controller. (By creating the datacenter object on the Management server and connecting successfully).
4 A
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