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Checkpoint 12200 LOM

Hi all,

I have a LOM on a 12200.  I am having a heak of a time getting the Launch Java KVM client and the Launch Java VM client working.  I believe the issue is with certificates and TLS handshakes.  Jave control panel log says 'Connection failed with exception: Received fatal alert: handshake_failure'.   I've tried numerous attempts to generate a CSR from the LOM control panel and process the CSR with our PKI to get certificate.  When I upload the certificate to the LOM it has an error validating the certificate.  Do I need cer or pfx/p12 format to upload and is there a way to upload the certificate a different way outside of LOM control panel portal?  I looked at the LOM documentation and it isn't very helpful at all.  Any suggestions are welcomed.



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What version of LOM firmware you have there? The latest is 2.2 (Nov 2016).

LOM firmware versions for Check Point 4000, 12000 and TE appliances 

Maybe this information would help:

Minimum requirements:

  • Java 7 to use KVM & VirtualMedia
  • Java 7 requires enabling TLS 1.2 and disabling TLS 1.0/1.1 in order to use KVM & VirtualMedia (refer to Java control panel guide)
  • Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet explorer 9 and above

Known Limitations:

  • KVM console does not work with Java 8
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I am running LOM firmware 2.2.  Using Java 1.7.0_80, enabled TLS 1.2 and disabled 1.0/1.1.  I have tried via Chrome and IE.  Java is still throwing up the following.


12600, 4800, Firmware Version 2.1.30099

These settings worked for me:


in addition, JNLP file have been modified by sk112493


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