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CPViewer - visualize your cpview/cpinfo files in 5 minutes


What is CPViewer?

CPViewer is an open-source community tool which simplifies the way to get a very detailed visual insights into:

1) Exported cpview histories with charts related to CPU, memory, connections and packet rates, throughputs, RX&TX drops etc. using the visualization metrics tool called Grafana;

2) OS analysis (.info file) - healthcheck (sk121447) report for "known issues" and "things not to miss";

The tool comes within an .ova (exported VM) with everything already preconfigured.


The main benefits are:

  • analyzing and identifying performance bottlenecks in minutes

  • user-friendly: just upload it to web-site (no docker or other components needed) 

  • Integrated OS analysis tool for richer results (healthcheck script)

  • available to both customers and partners


CPViewer .ova file download - HERE.


CPViewer guide - HERE.


How to use it?


Video below explains all you need to do to get CPViewer up and running - 5 simple steps:



Written step by step guide:


1. Import the VM:

a. Download and import OVA image into your VMWare environment – DOWNLOAD LINK.

b. VM’s n

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