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LightBoard Series - Maestro - Security of hyperscale (technical deep dive)

Maestro’s architecture is designed to secure networks both large and small, by orchestrating multiple security gateways into one unified security system. It allows our customers to seamlessly increase their security solutions, on the fly with security of Hyperscale – on demand expansion for gateways of all sizes. It brings operational supremacy with new options for organizations to architect and manage their cyber security platforms, But what's really exciting is the Cloud-level resiliency, This is the only unified security system that is reliable, super resilient and cost-efficient. Something that up until now was only available to telco’s and very institutions – but at Check Point we never stop innovating and we now are bringing Hyperscale network security to you!

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At minute 6:05....

However, "Full redundancy" also means, that you have at least two seperated DC rooms for your MSO's and all gateways.

But how can I do that? I need two MSO's, the MSO has to be connected for Sync with a DAC cable!!!, and each gateway has to be connected with DAC to each MSO.

Only the up-/downlink to your ISP / LAN can be connected with Fibre.

The length of the DAC cable's can currently not be longer than 3 meters.


Maestro sounds cool, but what about some DC redundancy basics like seperated rooms or buildings?


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